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Howdy! Welcome to the: "Women in Equestria Group!"

Obviously this group is for a rare breed of HiEs that only features a woman as the protagonist instead of your typical male. No offense my fellow gents.

Here you should be able to find the best, and rarest, stories that feature these wonderful ladies and their glorious adventures in Equestria. Overall we accept all genres of stories only if the main character is female. Now does that mean there cannot be male characters? Of course not, have as many guys/stallions in your story as you want, just make sure the main lead is female (and human).

For any more information feel free to PM me

Before posting in the thread check out our five and half commandments!

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Didn't realise this was a group. Added my story to relevant folders!

404770 Shame, I think it was Females in Equestria that I joined, real nice community.

404764 The 2 big ones kind of died off.

Nyeh, I feel like there was already a group like this. Did it go down or something?

*Grabs old timey stamper*

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