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Warning: all stories are rated mature in this group.

stories in this group have a female human being fucked by a futa pony (mainly a mare with a dick).
other folders to come.

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Personally, I think its kind of hot. It's interesting to read about female character coping with a male and female sex drive.

370100 I love everything this world has to offer. I have no problem with joining anything.

You, on the other hoof, don't like futa. I wonder if you pressing the 'Join' button on a futa group really portrays your dislike of it. In fact, you've pressed it at least twice already. Are you sure, you aren't obsessed with it?

Okay, let's try a test to determine your obsession with this delinquency. Can you stop yourself from joining this group for the third time?
How did it go? You can post your answer as a reply to this comment. :rainbowwild:

370099 you did too, so what's the different?

370070 And yet, you clicked the 'Join' button of this very group. :trixieshiftright:

being bucked by a futa pony

Dude, just fucking say fuck.

I hate futa:ajbemused:

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