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College Student and aspiring game animator/writer. When I write I shoot for awesome and nothing less. Anti-censorship and pro free-speech. We need more tolerance, even with people we disagree with.

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Confession · 2:14am Last Thursday

I stopped watching the show around the time I went dark two years ago? I am two seasons behind but I assume nobodies house has blown up or grown wings. I do know via spoilers that the leadership and make up of the changelings has shifted. To make sure my story is up to date, I will try to catch up so I don't end up confusing anyone. Or perhaps to make things easier, we can say that this fic takes place at the begging of season sics just after the Ember episode. If I go that route I have to put

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Weird. All this time even during my absence I thought we mutually followed each other. I correct this.

Also Shadilay 🐸

Well, you know the story that all true warriors strive for? I want more of it.

Comment posted by Dash Attack deleted Dec 22nd, 2016

Thanks for the follow, may I ask your reason?

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