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Aspiring film editor. When I write I shoot for awesome and nothing less. Anti-censorship and pro free-speech.

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A Canterlot Wedding 10 Year Anniversary · 4:53pm Aug 26th, 2022

I said in my last blog I might make some classic brony content, and I did!!! I've been experimenting with shorts lately. Out side of my nerd opinion rants and video essays I find the shorts a good way to making AMV style content without getting copyright flagged and Youtube even lets you sample certain sounds from other videos and artist but only for 15, seconds. One of the Naruto music shorts I made went semi viral and is at almost 2k. I hope this one does well because I love how it came out.

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Thank you! That's really nice. I appreciate it.

*sniffs a tear* The New Boss

Thank you for favoring Star Wars: Jedi Lyra. I hope you'll enjoy the journey.

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