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Aspiring film editor. When I write I shoot for awesome and nothing less. Anti-censorship and pro free-speech.

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I'm now a committed YouTuber · 2:33pm May 5th

I was thinking about blogging about it for a while. I do apologies for never finishing any of the many stories I wrote. I just lost my spark and my drive after collage and struggled to motivate myself. But now I'm doing gaming and pop culture commentary on YouTube, trying to get monetized so I don't have to work at Home Depo anymore. I'm doing interviewers, reviewing that poorly written Halo show, and game streaming. If your still around and you see this post, please check my channel out and

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Thank you! That's really nice. I appreciate it.

*sniffs a tear* The New Boss

Thank you for favoring Star Wars: Jedi Lyra. I hope you'll enjoy the journey.

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