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I WILL do better. I promise.

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This list was inspired off of Regidar.

Complete a story [X]

Successfully create a meaningful story arc []

Get featured []

Reach 1,000 story views []

Reach 100 Favorites []

Write 100,000 words []

Write 200,000 words []

Write 500,000 words []

Write 1,000,000 words []

Have Airstream Follow me []

Have Whatimustdo Follow me []

Make a successful Runescape crossover []

More may be added to this list.

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Have fun reading my fic. <3 Feel free to join the jamboree of comments!

May you continue to enjoy reading Zebrican Warlord!

You should try getting back into writing. I know it's hard to get popular, I'm in the same boat, but all you can do is keep trying.

Thanks for favoriting Joker's Wild!

2236221 Not interested. Not good at writing smut if i haven't actually experienced it. Sides, don't want that kind of reputation.

  • Viewing 44 - 48 of 48
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