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I WILL do better. I promise.

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This list was inspired off of Regidar.

Complete a story [X]

Successfully create a meaningful story arc []

Get featured []

Reach 1,000 story views []

Reach 100 Favorites []

Write 100,000 words []

Write 200,000 words []

Write 500,000 words []

Write 1,000,000 words []

Have Airstream Follow me []

Have Whatimustdo Follow me []

Make a successful Runescape crossover []

More may be added to this list.

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Thank you for adding An Equestrian Witcher to your Favorites!

Friend, I never left

Please come back to the thread. We need your comic relief again, the Lunaflag is getting insufferable. (Not that he ever wasn't, but still)

Nothing pleases me more than seeing my ideas circulate, so knock yourself out!

You fucking deserve it, and I liked it so much I'll be taking a great amount of the elements of worldbuilding for my own use.

  • Viewing 60 - 64 of 64
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