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Call me Gryph for short, if you like. In-case the avatar, the name, and the themes of my stories didn't make it apparent; big Gryphon fan here.

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Just a Quick Update · 8:09pm February 2nd

For the interested: I'm still focused on getting The Advocate completed.

I had planned to make some progress this week, and still might depending how the weekend falls out, but it is becoming clear it won't be as much progress as I'd hoped, if any.

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Hi! I just wanted to say what a joy it is to read the current story you are working on (The Advocate.)

I feel I am in a really strange position as far as the fandom for MLP goes. I've only watched one episode. I don't think I have a desire to watch any more, but I have come to know and love a lot of the characters through the lenses that other authors on this site portray them through. I don't get anything in pretending to be anything other than human, and am quite content in keeping it that way.

About 7-8 years ago, I was recommended the story "Friendship is Optimal" by Iceman. I remember scoffing at the fact it was something from MLP. I was told to go in with an open mind about it. I guess my friend knew that I am very much into existential dread, because FiO hit *all* the right notes for me. So much so, that it has never quite gone away since reading it. The idea is simultaneously compelling and utterly revolting. What a balance.

And the authors. Oh, the authors. In the last year, I decided to reread FiO, and began a lazy circle branching out into other stories. It started easily enough. Jpabrony, Starscribe (seriously, how do they manage to write as much as they do? Starscribe, you're incredible.), Chatoyance, and so many others. From there, it isn't too hard to realize that while the Optimalverse has great stories, there are -so- many more here. And it's such a simple thing to start tugging at some other threads, using the trust built by the authors of these stories to read their other, non-Optimalverse works.

All of this from the viewpoint of someone who hasn't even dabbled in the source material from which these stories spring.

What an absolute treat. While I cannot possibly quantify the sheer joy I have received from this site, know that it is a great deal.

Guardian, you are one of those authors. Thank you, a hundred times over. While you owe nothing to any of us, I do hope you continue writing. At some point, I will take a look at some other stories you've written.

That's awesome to hear- so far how I'm feeling about the place I'm at too. I've seen our direct boss get in and work alongside us, and everybody's happy and great to work with! I hope things keep that way for the both of us!

It's all about having good coworkers, and low-stress IMO. I'd trade into any job, doing anything, as long as I could either stay where I am in the mountains, or work remote, and as long as work doesn't follow me home, and my colleagues are good.

I'm very, very blessed/fortunate to have the coworkers and boss I do (some of the best in the business). The code is stress enough.

It can be a pain sometimes, absolutely- but I'm in a good company, new hire and they're focusing entirely on training me and bringing me up to speed before anything else so I guess I got lucky

I'm so sorry for your pain :rainbowlaugh:

Anything with networks, and anything with hardware/software interfaces, is the worst.

My life these days is Docker container stacks for Django/Gunicorn/NGINX/Postgres custom CMSs that drive custom apps made in C# - so networking pain is about an every-five-minutes issue for me.

  • Viewing 51 - 55 of 55
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