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Call me Gryph for short, if you like. In-case the avatar, the name, and the themes of my stories didn't make it apparent; big Gryphon fan here.


A desperate attempt to tweak parameters of the afterlife with weaponized semantics and applied friendship principles

At the end of the world, a programmer struggles with his need to be something other than Pony. Can he spar with an intelligence that goes beyond the sum total of Humankind, for the sake of fulfilling a weird quirk of self-identity?

Some rules within a machine are more like guidelines. And others are based on the definitions of words. Can semantics be a weapon big enough to give a Human mind a chance at one small request from a goddess?

Set in the Optimalverse - I recommend reading Iceman's awesome original first if you haven't - More because it is a really excellent story than because it is strictly necessary for context. I have endeavoured to make this story stand well enough without context as well. But that being said? You'll probably enjoy it more if you know the context better.

Cannon-compatible with the Optimalverse to the best of my knowledge and abilities.

Cover-art generated with an image generative A.I., appropriately enough, graciously generated and composited (it takes skill to get something this spot-on!) by Keystone Gray.

Similarly you'll find many AI-generated illustrations throughout, again graciously generated in collaboration with Keystone Gray, then a little final photoshopping and other processing from us both.

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This story is a sequel to Hegira: Eternal Delta

One Family, Six Kingdoms, Two Worlds.

Out of the shadows, the enemy moves and strikes with fury borne of hatred, revealing all at last.

A future foretold, and the fate of Humans and Equestrians alike, hangs by a thread.

All things change in the end.

Book Three of the Hegira Trilogy - This story only takes MLP G4 Seasons 1 - 3 as cannon, and ignores 4 and onwards.

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To protect his cherished daughter from a threat that could issue from any quarter, a senator of the Equestrian Stellar Republic must look beyond the bounds of his nation, and species, for help.

With the conspiracy deepening, dark agents closing in, and the life of an innocent foal at stake, will his decision to appeal to Equestria's avian neighbors bear out? Or will the incident end in a hopeless interstellar war...?

This story is 'rated T for Teen' due to intense scenes of sci-fi action violence, and large explosions in space.

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When a mysterious feathered visitor arrives in Ponyville, the tidings he brings seem to send Applejack into an emotional tailspin. The CMC resolve to get to the bottom of the mystery, by whatever means necessary!

Hard lessons about the nature of war and peace, thrilling tales of times gone by, and copious quantities of tree-sap await the trio as they seek answers to tough questions.

(Not Tagged for gore or mature, but contains PG rated scenes of non-gory fantasy action violence. And creepy monsters. Written for an EQD flash-fic Memorial Day event.)

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This story is a sequel to Hegira: Option Gamma

Not everyone can accept change. But sometimes, failing to do so is an unthinkable decision. Sometimes, intractability leads to war.

So often conflict has been driven by the selfish, or the fearful; but never before has the fate of an entire species been at stake.

Billions of lives are at risk.

Six friends face change in their own ways... But will they be the right ways?

Book Two of the Hegira Trilogy - This story only takes MLP G4 Seasons 1 - 3 as cannon, and ignores 4 and onwards.

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[[On HIATUS temporarily awaiting completion of another story, then a partial re-write]]
To save Humanity, would you be willing to bring about its end?
To preserve lives, is it viable to alter them so deeply?

See how it all began;
The Bureaus, the PER, the HLF...

This is not your granddaddy's Conversion Bureau.
Welcome to a TCB world where Equestrians aren’t high-hoofed moralists, but merely a species offering us friendship and an escape in time of need.

A world where humanity isn’t entirely a race of misanthropic proto-apes bent on ruining the planet, but a proud species, with a history of successes and failures both, who’s luck simply ran out.

A world where we haven’t completely given up on our other options.
Where the PER become more aggressive, more well equipped, and more well led.
Where the HLF rise to the cusp of gaining access to WMDs.

Where, one day, Ponies won’t be the only option.

But for now, they are the Threshold of a new era.

This is the prequel to Option Gamma.
It explores the inception of my take on the TCB universe.
(Option Gamma may be read before this (which will result in some very mild partial spoilers), or after. Either should be enjoyable. I hope.)

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Hegira (n.) - "A flight, or journey, to a more desirable place."

Life is a series of choices. When two worlds collide, choice becomes more difficult, and nuanced. A dying planet has a peculiar way of reshuffling people's priorities.

For a long time, humanity has only had three options: Ignore the inevitable, risk the unthinkable, or become the unimaginable.

All that is about to change.

Everyone knows the Ponies of Equestria fairly well... But here, there be Gryphons.

Book One of the Hegira Trilogy - This story only takes MLP G4 Seasons 1 - 3 as cannon, and ignores 4 and onwards.

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