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Sharing Kindness CH4 is 90% done, just need free time · 6:04pm Jul 10th, 2015

what the title says. I'm just lacking of time. I have it 90% done, on paper, just need to transcribe it in the computer (soooo lazy.....) and fix the few details i left to do at the end. Sorry but algebra surely is a pain and it's really depressing when feel like you study just to fail the exams, i really need to get that thing out of my back for good :(

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nah, im dead, the story is dead until im rich and have plenty of free time. Sorry about that. Im here just because i was cleaning my old linux partition before making a clean up backup and while cleaning my firefox history it just happened that i was still logged in here. There are a few spoilers on the comments of the story in case you want to read what was supposed to happen in the story.

Y U NO update?

A new group dedicated to glorious Communism has come. Spread the word and join our herd:twilightblush:


344689 I already got some replies at Clopfics, so let me see, if they don't like it or don't have enouth time i'll give yours a try :derpytongue2:
thanks for the tip :scootangel:

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