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What do you mean I have an addition to horse fiction?! I can stop whenever I want to, mom!

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Howdy howdy howdy- thanks for the follow?

Hey, Sal! Saw you had a Fimfic account and thought it'd be neat to follow you.

2271925 4217793 Hi, Could You Please Continue Revising the Fimfiction.net story....U.S. Department of Strategic Extradimensional Enforcement and the Do rest of The Operator Trilogy in the Peacekeeper Chronicles saga.....and I Think There should be 3 Main theme songs of The Operator Trilogy which are....
Orchestral Theme:

Epic Rock Theme:

Main-Titles/End-Credits Theme:

and I Also Think You Should Draw Inspiration of the 2 Next Installments from the 3rd and 4th Michael Bay Transformers movies Dark of the moon and age of extinction as well as The Ponies of Dark Water Storyline from My little Pony IDW Comics and The Apocalypse Wars Storyline from ANAD-Marvel...

...as well as Include 2 Other Universes....1 from Video Gaming and 1 From Film and 1 from TV and most of all one other Toyline universe Which Are....



Max Steel Live Action Film Universe:

and that is why I Highly Recommend for you to Continue The Operator Trilogy from the Peacekeeper Chronicles Saga On The MLP Fanfiction Website Fimfiction.net...
Nuff Said.
with thanks and hopes up,
From Your Biggest Fan of all time in the history of all of existence,
Shane Nokes aka James Plasma aka Dark-Pulse

Thanks for being my 150th follower.

What? Expected a prize?

2271925 You get all the free stories you can read.

  • Viewing 84 - 88 of 88
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