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I Deleted My Last Blog Post... Again · 5:56pm October 1st

Not over racism this time, but because what should have been a forum for civil discussion about the debate had quickly become extremely uncivil. I stopped it before I had to ban anyone, but I've learned my lesson. I'm going to stop trying to discuss politics on my blog, because it is clear to me now that not even Bronies are capable of civil, rational discussion of politics in 2020, and that both sides are just as horrible and just as likely to degenerate into name-calling and insults.

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So hows the professional writing going also how much to preorder a signed copy

Hey Bucking I was wondering how things are going? Hope things are well. I was wondering if All Glory to the Overgoat will ever update?

New follower to you and new blood to the site in general but it's awesome to hear you're back for now but don't feel pressured into writing ASAP. Take as much time as you need to get your stuff together. We have plenty of "Bucking Nonsense" to keep us busy XD Even if most of your work is Incomplete it's still hilarious to read.

  • Viewing 286 - 290 of 290
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