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I Came Back To Post One Little Thing, Then I'll Leave Again · 10:33am Nov 8th, 2020

I had mentioned before that a book called The Last Centurion had largely read like an opposite day prophecy about 2020. I thought I'd mention a little factoid about the book, due to recent events. Scroll down for a spoiler.

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I pray he wasn;t a casualty of covid :(

Maybe he had an unfortunate accident.
Let us mourn him, Amen.

You haven't been active in a long time on here.
And you haven't been active in a long time on RoyalRoad.

Is everything okay?

BN, I just came back to say, despite knowing you're very unlikely to see this, if you want a community that's similar to how the early brony community was, I highly recommend the Hololive/Vtuber community/communities. If by some miracle you do see this and decide to take a look, I preemptively welcome you to the rabbit hole. Don't worry about Haachama or Pekora. They're harmless. Mostly.

I remembered your fanfics 5 years later and still had them saved here. wow
i miss your stories, fren

  • Viewing 290 - 294 of 294
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