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Mr Grimdark

If you wait long enough, the fly will just merge into the pizza slice and get devoured by the cheese, you know.. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

U kno dis sexxxy

Aside from Regidar, this is the worst fucking page I have ever seen on this site. -SUPERCHARGER2001


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hey asshole you left us hanging

I AM going to Cali to personally find your ass after this

Fuck bro. Man it's been too long, I wish you were still around. Hell, xD It's my first time on this site in a long time too! Haha!

every other day i still come back here just to check

never know


1799597 well yeah


1798273 dead probably



>posting on an account that hasn't been on since December


1519128 Maybe, Its not like I waited for you to read 14 whole weeks or anything :ajsmug:

1326555 Is it too late to kill you ever this? xD

1448237 I have no idea that happened weeks ago


Son of a bitch. I should do something horrible to this person, but seeing as how I don't know where he lives. I won't bother. But why was he hurting Nightingale, and why is Nightingale trying to kill himself?


1447461 Your friend Nightengale threatened to kill himself then this jack-off had to completely disgrace him and pretty much all other depressed/suicidal people for it. :twilightangry2:


Yo Grim, is this LoneUnicornWriter guy giving you a hard time? :pinkiesick::rainbowwild:


1406092 You were repeatedly offensive to all of my friends I don't give a damn what I said. You have no respect for people who cannot handle depression and would commit suicide.
Im laughing on how you took this straight to my gif cluttered page.

Show more respect for other people and they won't burn you as badly as I did. :unsuresweetie:

:ajbemused: Really offensive comment. I actually grow up with hardworking parents, and I was only stating the simple point of there are plenty ways to go about what Nightingale did, no need to end his life with a bullet to the head.

1358186 thanks for the follow and im staying :eeyup:

Comment posted by Mr Grimdark deleted Sep 4th, 2014

1377552 God I love that pic :rainbowkiss:

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