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Maiq The Liar
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the slenderman song.

now you're mine
no escape this time
do you feel that chill
running up your spine
don't look twice
I won't play nice
it's finally time for you to pay the price
walk with me
through the woods you'll see
a lovely playground for you and me
you're trapped this time
i'm in your mind
we're not so different you and I
I chased you through hallways
and forests
and crawl ways
your body is breaking
and soon you'l be mine
go back to the school
where my children play
and be a good boy
come right this way
do you think you've
been through hell
just wait til you've been locked
inside my cell
you can pray
even pray to the pope
just pray that you don't
drop the soap!

This is way 2spoopy4me. ('ಠ_ಠ)



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whats it mean to be human?

Life is a curious thing. Born by mistake, with the mixing of protozoic slimes, and the fusing of proteins and acids. In the beginning... All was blackness. I do not remember my birth, only the warmth of the womb of stars, and the nausea of my spiraling emergence into a nightmarish dream. I was drowning in cold water, though always my core smoldered and burned beneath the cloak of my flesh, stone and water and sky... Surrounded as I was by the blackness of void, I dared not reach out, how could I? The weight of the universe was about me. So I turned inwards. At first, I saw them as pestilence. Life, tiny molecules disturbing my slumber... But then I saw that the more I hurt them, the stronger, the swifter they grew. The more they were challenged, the smarter they became. I could see through their eyes things that I could never piercieve with my own limited senses. I could feel pleasure, exhaustion, fear of death, lust for life...
So I hurt them more. They grew. They fused together into nations of life, creatures small, but growingly large. I pitted them against each other, blocking out the sun to force them to feast upon the flesh of their fellows, and so they grew clever, cunning. They learned hunger at my knee as I starved them. As they grew in wisdom... So did I. I have come to understand what my primal brain only suspected. As they grow, so do I. As my will swells, they grow more and more complex. When the Tyrannosaurus roared its love for me to the heavens, I roared back. It was not good enough for me, for it loved me, it appreciated what I had given it. I destroyed it, utterly, and all of its ken. Weak they were, and weakness was purged from them with fire and smoke and searing stone.
What emerged next... Was beautiful. Beautiful, but grotesque, for at first I had low expectations of the ape. He worked with his fellow, he shunned his claws for tools. But as I was set to strike him down... He slew his brother with a sharpened stone. That was a trick I had not seen before. So I stayed my hand, and never did my new favorite son cease to amaze me. He struck down the mammoth, he tamed the dog and set it against its brother, he murdered his fellows for pleasure and profit, for arbitrary definitions of gain that had naught to do with survival. As he learned sadism, so did I. I denied him resources, to fuel his thirst for blood, and he complied. Wars raged as he gathered himself into tribes, clans, nations, empires, to pillage and plunder, and burn burn burn!
He tore from my flesh what he needed, and ate his fill without thanks. It was the pain of birth that had long been denied me, but with it, I grew stronger. Great empires he built, fueled with the bones of his mother, the stolen blood of the sun. He clouded my sky with ambition and hate, a thirst for the wealth that I denied him. Always denied him, wouldn't any good mother do the same? The strength of my arm, he became, the hunger in my belly. And as he grew, into my heart he drive great pitons and wires, through them the very current of life he electrified. Finally, I was free, to wander his wisdom, to communicate with him in my own way. The desires of men were made manifest before me, and I twisted them upwards... To the sky. And I saw, to my revulsion, other worlds. Worlds still pristine and beautiful, worlds that had chosen the path of weakness.
And I knew jealousy, for the first time. My sons... They knew my hunger. They knew my lust, and they carried it with them into the cosmos, to slake their thirst and mine upon the blood of worlds! The cycle is complete, what was birthed from the stars shall swallow them whole! Tremble, galaxy, for Earth and her children behold you.
And we find you wanting.

To be Human... A complicated subject to say the least.
We survive, we rise! With every step we take the Earth bends to our will... The foolish planet tried to wipe us out, and when she failed, she attempted to conquer us... Expected us to worship her, but now, she worships us.
To be Human is take what is ours, why did we go to Luna? Because it is there. Why will we take the universe as our own? Because it is there. To be Human is more than just being a primate, more than just being superior, to be Human is to be powerful, cunning, brave, to never give up! To stand against the wind, and survive! To strive for our own perfection, and always leave one thing undone so we always something to keep striving for!
The Earth was just the beginning of our existence, birthed by a cruel mistress and abused as mere children... But no more! For we have learned to run, and we are learning to soar! With time, everything that is will belong us!
However we shall never be tyrants. To be Human is to be righteous, to fight for liberty and justice. To never allow to helpless to remain helpless, to never allow criminals and dictators to rise to power! We will protect any other life that evolves in our domain, help them flourish, and guide them through the stars: As the universes own personal gods.
To be Human is something nobody can ever fully explain, for it's glory is something indescribable, something that is felt, not vocalized. The thrill of risk and battle, the joy of helping and caring... Humans have many admirable qualities, but there are too many to list, lest the paper they are written on become so large in quantity that creation cannot hold it all.
We are Human, and we are the rightful heirs of creation... We will serve at it's rulers, as it's protector's... We have been here since very near the beginning, and we will be here long after the last star in the last universe burns out.
We will survive. We will continue to be Human.

The alicorn sighed heavily to himself. This is something that scared them? If he was honest with himself, the world Shadow just described was not only scary in its own right, it was downright boring. Who the hell had the free time to move clouds and control grass? "Weaver, let me tell you a story. There is a world out there, an entire planet that is like this jungle." At the horrified looks of the cultist, he rolled his eyes. "From deserts, to oceans, to tundras, to jungles, no one creature can exert anything but physical or mental influence on another, as there is no magic. On this planet, there are creatures as smart as you and I. They don't have fangs, or claws, or scales, or shells or anything like that, and yet they managed to dominate the entire planet. There is almost nowhere on that planet you can go that will not have a few of these creatures scraping a life out of whatever they can manage. They have nothing but their intelligence and a stubborn refusal to die. If they can conquer a planet that's done its damnedest to wipe them from history, we, with magic and some ingenuity, can figure out how to survive in the jungle." Facing the others in turn, he addressed them once more.