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Pirate Jesus

Mae'r gwynt yn chwythu am byth ymlaen


So, I changed my name a bit. · 3:35am Aug 11th, 2016

Now before you lot start thinking I've been getting into the rum, let me explain.

So, as some of you remember, the last picture of me in the flesh I put up here about a year ago, and some of you commented even then that I looked like a pirate due to me growing my hair and goatee out.

Well, I kept growing it and now, thanks to my Jewish blood, I literally look like Jesus.

The nickname's stuck just as much as the Pirate King, so I figured I'm Pirate Jesus now.

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Things I Wrote

Welcome from The Pirate King

Ship of The Pirate King- The Moraine

Avast, ye hearties!

I be The Motherfucking Pirate King, and ye be in my domain. Above is me beautiful vessel, The Moraine, and below is a roster of her fine crew. In addition below, you will find the library I have accumulated, as well as me private shelf of scraps written by yours truly. If ye be seeking a life of freedom and adventure among the bilge rats and the Caribbean breeze, be sure to sign onto me crew with the button with an eye on it right beside my name. Come and tarry at your leisure, lads and lasses, and remember to speak with yours truly below before ye go. Take what ye can and give nothing back!

With steadfast loyalty,
Pirate King Fowler

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Thanks, dude! I'll do my best to deliver a quality product to you and others who liked the original. :twilightsmile:

As for your ideas, no promises that I'll use them, but if you PM me, I'll definitely hear you out.

Hey man two things! First love the new name and avatar made me laugh really hard! Second I noticed you started Starcrossed again! I'm exited to read it the way you would have done. For as great as the one written by the other guy was, the end was crap so I'm exited to see it done right! Also if you need any help with the story I may have a few ideas!


Especially since I've driven a rut with the anime I have binged watched in the last two years.

I don't know if you've seen my list if anime I've binged watched in the past year and a half, but I can at least say that I totally understand. Though in the part few months I've switched from watching anime to writing.

As for what to start with for seeing what happened with Guardian then I recommend starting with Theater Critic's page, though I assume you already know about that guy. If you do then go to Black Night's user page and story. Check out the story, then comment section, then the blog posts, then the user page comments. Then hop over to Guardian's main page and flip through the pages there. I think he has a blog post with some voice recording, but if you can't find it then just try and see if Skullcoat knows it's whereabouts. And lastly, go to OSF and check out the Ban Thread, where you should get the last little part of the whole story.


Funny thing about anime. I have a friend who says his cousin's friend knows the voice actor of Suguha (Kirito's cousin/sister/whatever she considers herself). The one that does the English voice, to be specific.


On your- and others- recommendations I'll probably try and catch up then. Especially since I've driven a rut with the anime I have binged watched in the last two years.

Definitely keep me posted though, dude. I'd be glad to stretch the critiquing muscles again.


Oh, I can't recall. I know I had a few Vinyl ones and some other cool pony ones, but the current one I have has been there for a good year and a half. Most of that impression, I suspect, was funny memes and comments, only occasionally would they be helpful. I'm not particularly happy with how I used to act, and Skullcoat isn't a fan of how he was too. But the ratio of memes to helpful comments has shifted, though I still am sure to get a good meme review going if the author is pretty helpless.

Activity-wise, it's really been the same for me. A good amount of 2015 was me just occasionally coming on line, and not until my second story came out did I start to come online more frequently. Like, the past month has really been the most I've been doing stuff in at least the past year. Mostly, because one of my stories got featured, but also writing so much. But I do recommend catching up with the show. I caught up from the first few episodes of Season 5 and it was worth it. It was like binge watching a good anime.

There were two (that I can think of off the top of my head) episodes that stood out. Slice of Life and the one with Quibble Pants. Because both of them brought a large amount of content to the fandom while providing amazing plotlines. Especially the one with Quibble Pants because he does something in that episode that I've been waiting for a character to do forever.

I'll be sure to PM you the details when I get it going. It's still something I have on the backburner at the moment, but I may use it as a procrastination tool for writing. But I'll be sure to keep you updated.


I can probably give a lowdown on the fiasco with Guardian, or at least the places and stuff you should know to fins out what happened yourself, tomorrow.

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