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HI!!! · 3:03am Jul 13th, 2015

Well hello there my friends/followers/ and random people! I'm back! After so long ... Well I'm pretty sure at least SOME of you knew I was back for a while. Well I haven't had much time to be on here. I tried making the sequel to An Even Bigger Storm of Chaos, but that was a no-go. Anyway, I haven't strayed from the path of writing/typing. I have actually been coming up with a novel! An actual novel guys! Might be good, might be shit-bad. I won't know until I try though. So here's the thing. I

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1356437 No prob my friend

1183694 It's all good! :rainbowlaugh:

1182714 What ever do you mean? Did you only read this page of comments? If so then go back a couple of pages of comments and there you go :twilightsmile:

:rainbowlaugh: i have no idea what u guys are talking about

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