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This group is open for anyone who is willing to take the time and put in hard work in their art. Anyone from beginners to pro's are welcome to join. Heck, even if you cant draw to save your life, you can join. I will try my hardest to dedicate some of my time to post threads giving basic drawing advice and tips to help out new artists, or people willing to learn. Art should be done by all, and I feel that everyone should at least give it a try.

If you have any questions or need any help with art, critique, or help in general, PM myself or the other admins.

The Rules

Tutorial #2
Tutorial #3
Tutorial #4

Artists ready to be pimped!
Here are some artist who are willing to help out others in need of Avatars and Cover arts. Please PM them and ask before assuming they will help you. These artists have all right to decline your request.

Ryuku the Forlorn
Example 1, Example 2

More updates for this group will be posted shortly.

Feel free to post your work in a thread for all to see! Constructive Criticism is always welcome in this group!

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hi! I am doing a Adopt a Human type of fanfiction. I am spreading myself from others who do these types who makes the Herod adopt them. I am going to make a Fanfiction where Queen Chrysalis adopts a human child named Michael. I need a cover art. My story is called Her Love Warrior.

The cover art I was hoping for was Queen Chrysalis to be cuddling next to Michael with her horn glowing to illuminate the darkness, maybe her hoove wrapped around his tummy pulling him close to her or maybe a wing wrapped around him.

Michael I need to look like is Blonde hair, small form, bare feet, white t-shirt and brown shorts, blue eyes.

Um... Hello can anyone make a cover for a Fallout Equestria story please I would very much appreciate it. PM me please if you would to. Thank You.

I am an editor in training I can clean up some art for whoever needs it.. Also I need someone 2 make bases for me

Can I post a tutorial on my Pokémon OC?

Hello I am a begging artist and I love to draw animals.
I draw my avatar myself and also draw some other ones as will here is a link to my DA page too :yay::twilightsmile::pinkiesmile:

Thought I might as well join, no harm in seeing other artists' works and hearing their feedback.

I work exclusively in 3D and I've been going since around September 2014, so I'd consider myself pretty new at this entire art thing.

yes. We need good artists who can help with tutorials and helping out the new artists. Let me see some of your work through PM and if you are great as I expect we can see if you can help out with the group.

is it ok if I'm in here if I'm already an amazing artist

great! i love boobs! make a thread for it if you like.

Woo! an art group! though, so far, 2-D ponies is the best I can draw.


Oh god I thought I was safe here!

379453 I prefer boobs unrealistic like a pair of beach balls... but fair enough. :heart:

fyi i found a very good boob tutorial

I am here, the raping may commence :pinkiecrazy:

I joined because I enjoy the awesome artwork I find, and this looks to be an excellent source for more awesome work to enjoy. :pinkiehappy:

Well ... Well ... Well, nice setup here PonySlayer (Its me InvaderZim11523, just a name and avatar change). Glad to see you did this, with 170 members no less nice! :rainbowkiss:

Its all about art and helping :twilightsmile:

347425 since you mentioned 'bloodlines', ponder if my changeling ever get to dig into hers.

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