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This group is made to enable artists to find work (either for money for just for art's sake), for authors looking for cover art, and for individuals looking to have art made (either for stories, avatars or what-have-you). If you are an artist and wish to become a part of this, join the group and let me know so I can add you to our google docs page! As a note, commissions are decided by the artist. They determine what is fair for them, and they may say no to any request they receive. An artist may reserve the right to stop work for an undisclosed amount of time, but may receive payment for their art upon its completion and delivery to the customer, or at any specified time that the customer and the artist agree upon. (we are currently finding artists, so please, hang with us for a time!)

List of artists:

Now, we aren't just about artists in the drawing/painting kind of art, but of all types of art (including things like music and designs). We are not specifically for the posting of stories, but if you have a story whose art you want to show off, or if you have a story you feel should be shown off to the world, add it to the group! (will soon start adding folders to do so)

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Is there anyone left in this group? I am currently looking for a cover artist for a AU fic set in a different world.

Hi, I look for artist who would like to make a cover for my story "Before there was chaos". Starring Discord, Main 6. More in pw. Might pay with sweets!

Hi, looking for someone who'd be willing to do some Bionicle, KH and Stargate art for my own story as I am not confident in my own ability and was asked to look around for folks willing to help out. Have a good one!

hey I'd like to put your skills to the test the picture in question is an anthro Celestia either holding up a championship belt, or posing in front of a camera in martial arts attire. lets see what you got :pinkiehappy:

Hi I am looking for someone who can do some art for my story I am trying to do a Christmas side chapter and need a picture of anthro Celestia either holding a championship belt or posing in front of the cameraman in Martial arts attire. if I could get that as soon as possible I'd be grateful thanks.

Hello, am spectic, or if you wish to call me Nate that is ok to. I am a relatively artest who is looking for a chance to test out his skills. I know what you would thinking, why would I hire a new arrest that only has sketch pad on his phone to work with. Well to start sketch pad has a triple layering system which I personally enjoy. But about me being new, I may be new but I am willing to go hours with out sleep just so you can have the best picture I can draw. To summarize I'm really just looking for a way to express my talents with drawing and I am basically doing it for free here so.... ya. :derpyderp1:

Heyo, experienced artist here that's becoming more active in the FIMfiction community. I keep my prices negotiable, but do have base rates that I share when asked. I also dabble in character and setting design and development and have a few fic projects under development. I'm always willing to critique other artists and have helped teach many young artists with the massive technical knowledge I've built up over the years.
Some generic samples below related to 'The Chase' from some quicksketch sessions as I continue tweaking my pony art style.

Hey im a new writer and new to fimfiction. searching for a free experienced artist to do cover art and some pictures (Or atleast help me be better at art) thanks. Story: Human mind, pony body.

Hello im an artist in look for new work to do, check my gallery if you are interested
send me a pm either here or on my DA account

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Hi, I'm a new author here on fimfiction and I was wondering if someone could help me get some better cover art than the one I made. My story is Defeat of the Robot Zony Factory, and it involves some of the Apple family, and also some made up ponies. If you are interested in doing it for free please PM me. Thank you!

Anyone able to do me some cover art for my story Corupted Souls i need apple jack art someting like this expression :ajbemused:

I'm looking for an artist to do Cover Art, scene art, and possibly character portraits for my currently worked on story, Pessimism and Sarcasm. I can't afford to pay, but I will "pay" by giving you some decision making ability in the story, such as new characters, the way a character interaction may workout (I will stick to my moral base though, I will not allow any sex, drugs, or alcohol, but some adult humor is okay.), and also allow you the use of my characters, this includes the character that is "myself" (So long as they and I stay at least mostly in character).

Thanks in advance,

Probably one of the only Non-Bronies on this site

Jerec the Ascendant

If it's not to much to ask I was wondering if someone could draw an avatar for me that goes with my name frostbite if you can please pm me

Hello, new writer on site. I'm currently writing a fantasy crossover with Legend of Spyro, Avatar the Last Airbender, Icewind dale and Lord of the Rings, and I would like to request some images of five locations I'm creating for the book,
1) A Medieval castle built on a large outcrop of stone with a large set of caves, around 5 or 6, big enough for Dragon nests, the castles of Dragon age inquisition being a main inspiration
2) a semi-ruined tower of Ebony stone set in the middle of a mountain range during a snow storm
3) a bright forest in the middle of summer that bears resemblance to Lothlorien.
4) the entrance to a dark tunnel, set within a Mordorish landscape
5) Canterlot Frozen in ice and snow, with a massive tower of Crystal where the royal palace once stood.

Thank you very much, hope to hear from you soon.

I need a cover for "On Your Wings" I need Shooting Star
Riding on Starburst (references:{shooting star} {starburst}) And the title of the story on the bottom. The only dA points I have left are 11, so I can't really pay much :/

I need art for my story
Fallout New Vegas...With Ponies

Description: Greg (the courier) standing in between Rd, and Pinkie (humanized) wearing a couriers duster, and sunglasses.
Pinkie is wearing T51-b power armor minus the helmet.
Rainbow Dash is wearing a armored vault 13 jumpsuit.
They are all making goofy faces and it seems as if it's a selfie.
I can't pay you cause I'm rather broke..

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If anyone has time to, I need someone to draw some cover-art for me. It's just three OCs, and you don't even have to color it. If anyone's interested please PM me.
Thanks in advance! :derpytongue2:

Im looking for pictures of a new oc I have. For more details on him Pm me

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