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Welcome To The Musical Theatre Group

This is a group for any of you musical theatre fanatics.

Here we can talk about anything from Broadway or West End musical down to even simple musical films. Anything like Cats, Hamilton, RENT, Dear Evan Hansen, and more.

You can do stories that are related to musicals too (of course no copyrighted lyrics).

You wanna do a story that follows a character in musical theatre? Than maybe you can write one and put it in here in one of the folders.

Anyways let’s set some ground rules.


1. If you have a story you want to put in a folder go to the appropriate one.

If you have a story that’s related to Broadway/West End musicals then put them in the appropriate folder. If it’s crossovers put it in the crossover folder but only if the story has a crossover with musicals like Wicked or Hamilton. If you have stories that are just regular I’ll allow a General folder for you to put them in.

2. No anti-lgbtq, racist, sexist, or any discriminatory comments.

This pretty much explains itself so yeah. Anyways if any trace of racist or negative derogatory comments is found than you’ll get an instant ban with no questions asked.

3. No attacking someone for liking a musical you don’t like or make a thread that backlashes a musical. (Also No Spamming)

No one likes a critic trying to criticize someone’s favorite thing. I know it’s your opinion but some people just don’t wanna hear so if you don’t like a musical that someone else likes don’t go down with “stop liking what I don’t like” just say I don’t like it as much or something but don’t go too far alright.

If you go thru this trouble repeatedly than we’ll start with a warning but if you don’t cooperate than we have no choice but to ban you. Spams as well so we’ll warn you but then bam if you keep breaking the rule.

4. Keep things PG to PG 13 around here

Sorry but no M rated stuff especially clop. some people left

5. Threads are only for Musical Theatre and Musical Film talk.

Of course you’re allowed to do MLP talk as long as there are musical numbers from any episodes.

6. Lastly the site rules on groups apply to this.

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Where's the screenshot from?

Thanks for the invite.

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