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My Little Pony G5 News 10/26/2022 · 4:52pm Oct 26th, 2022

That's either one messed up animation error... or the worst case of frost bite for poor Zipp...

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Dramamaster829's Bio Page

Hello FimFiction Fanatics, I'm the Dramamaster829. As the brief bio under my name suggests, I'm what you'd call a 'Jack of All Trades'. I go by another name, but I only give it to folks I trust.

As a Critic, I am honest (Yet fair) when it comes to certain opinions when it comes topics in relation to fic material or other topics (But I won't go over subjects of religion or politics). I'm an actor who has performed in numerous musical theater productions and plays (Mostly for community theater). I'm a up-and-coming writer, always testing my skills and often edit for users I'm closely associated or loyal to (Though I plan to add my own material at some point). I've taken motivational speaking in college, once did a speech to set a college for the Autistic Community many years ago (Meaning I can be very 'persuasive'), and as an Occasional Singer, I dig eighties rock, musical theater, or any kind of music I have a preference for.

While I don't reveal a 'ton' of things about myself, I'll at least list a few parts about me:

Likes: MLP (Else I wouldn't be here), Broadway musicals, Movies, Blogging (Mostly MLP material) Journey (Rock Band), Christopher Paolini ('Eragon' series, 'To Sleep In A Sea of Stars', etc.), Anime, Disney, Digimon, Helluva Boss, RWBY, The Dragon Prince, Crossover Fics, Shipping Fics (Mostly Female/Female), Camping, Cosplay Conventions, Wrestling (WWE, AEW, Impact, etc.), Football (Mostly College, big UCF fan), sharing a conversation with friends, The Three Stooges, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Horror, etc.

Dislikes: I detest liars with a passion, homophobia, not crazy about 'change' (Working on it), I distrust users who cause trouble (And those 'associated' with said users), lightning, heights, eggplant, Teen Titans Go!, frogs (With a few exceptions), being interrupted, politics, racism, stereotyping, etc.

Age: 31

My Greatest Fear: Aside from lightning, frogs, and death in general... being useless.

My Greatest Strength: Multi-Tasking.

My Greatest Weakness(es): Choosing... and last minute changes.

Favorite Movie: I have a tough time choosing, but if I can pick 'one' movie just as an example: Beauty and the Beast (90s version)

Least favorite movie: Teen Titans Go! to the Movies (90 minutes I'll 'never' get back).

Favorite (Current) Anime: Between 'Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid' and 'Demon Slayer'.

Most Disliked Anime: TBD.

Favorite Online Show: Between 'Helluva Boss' and 'RWBY'.

Least Favorite: TBD.

Favorite pony: Between Countess Coloratura and Kerfuffle

Least Favorite: Zephyr Breeze (Reminds me too much of Kuzco)

If my Bio pic doesn't give it away, Phantom of the Opera is one of my favorite musicals (I don't change it often, 'unless' I decide to).

Any personal questions you wish to ask, please use the 'Mail' button on my page (I'm usually available). Stay tuned for further updates.

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Comment posted by White Hare deleted Oct 9th, 2022

That's a very random question... but 'yes', I've seen the movie... as a kid...

Did you ever see the movie "Cats Don't Dance"?

It was a wonderful vacation. Just came back yesterday. Never had a bad meal while I was in Italy and all the sights we got to see we're amazing in their own way. Not sure if and when I'll ever go back, but it was a solid country to visit. Even though the trip got a bit hectic at times, I won't deny that 'not' everything was smooth sailing.

  • Viewing 636 - 640 of 640
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