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This is a group dedicated to those who support the three swooning ponies from Season 7's episode Hard to Say Anything. Though the wikia has nothing on them aside from addressing them as Swooning Ponies, I've discovered they have fan names elsewhere. The Unicorn is addressed as Dear Darling, the Pegasus is called Fond Feather, and the Earth Pony is known as Swoon Song.

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These gals are definitely so beautiful, that they all should earn their own large roles in future stories. I definitely think they each deserve to have a coltfriend, that’s for sure.

Forget about putting them with Feather Bangs, these hotties deserve much better, EACH OTHER! Perhaps the time is coming for a sexy lesbian fic involving where they pick each other over Feather Bangs....especially Dear Darling and the horn sex she could give the other two.

Those looks are making me jealous of Feather Bangs.

I've seriously gotta catch up.

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