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Please, Don't Support the Dead Trees FoE PnP · 4:20am April 26th

So, another case of I'm gone for some time, hopefully this doesn't come to pass again, I really do want to get back into the community, but anyway I'm here with something pretty important.

So, when I was parsing through groups, I saw something in the Fallout Equestria group, namely an indigogo for a Fallout Equestria Pen and Paper...

You guys know me, I love Fallout Equestria, I love pen and paper, in fact I've played some Fallout Equestria PnP, hell I've been the Overmare in a game (or Overstallion in my case but whatever) using my typical combination of doing a crossover, in that particular case Shining Time Station because... ehh I don't know why, I wouldn't question it.

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Alright, I was just a tad worried of where you went. Knowing you're still around is good enough.

And work, and lazy, three for three I suppose.

Hmm, really?

Just haven't had much to add.

Been busy?

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