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I’m More Than Annoyed · 8:59pm August 7th

Well, I’m more than annoyed.

The new Shadowrun matrix book Kill Code has been announced and it had some input from the community.

That’s good, the bad is one particular member.

I’ve ranted before so you probably know where I’m going, Bamce, the stupidest, worst, mod ever, well now he’s officially in a book.

All he does is walk around stomping down anyone that doesn’t play his way, bitching and moaning about how awful the game is and yelling at people to boycott the game.

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Alright, I was just a tad worried of where you went. Knowing you're still around is good enough.

And work, and lazy, three for three I suppose.

Hmm, really?

Just haven't had much to add.

Been busy?

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