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Are you a Marvel fan?
Are you a DC fan?
Are you an IDW fan?
Are you a fan of comic books in general?
Are you a MLP fan?
Might you, by any chance, love all of them equally?
Then this is the group for you! Here you can have stories that are both Marvel, DC. or any other comic book universe crossovers, without worrying about being hated on by anybody.
So come, browse, and see what you like!
Please, this group is for everyone, fans of comic books. So please, no flaming or hating. If someone likes DC more then Marvel or visa versa, don't go flaming their opinions. We're all fan boys here. So let's act that way.

Below are the rules that apply to everyone in the group. Please follow them to the best of your ability, especially the first five rules. New rules are added as I see fit.

Rule No. 1:
No one is allowed to act in a vulgar and/or contentious way towards anyone else. We're all friends here. No one is allowed under any circumstances to unjustly mock and/or humiliate another user, nor are they allowed to unjustly mock and/or humiliate another users' fandom. No hate threads are allowed.

Rule No. 2:

Manga and/or anime is allowed to be posted, but please if you post anime discussion threads PLEASE make sure the anime in question is based on a manga or at the very least has a manga adaptation.

Rule No. 3:

No threads will be allowed that are obviously flame war inducing. Posts complaining about something in Marvel, DC, or any other comic company is allowed, as long as it's not contentious and/or vulgar.

Rule No. 4:

No threads will be allowed with excessive foul language. Words like 'damn' and 'crap' are allowed, but words like 'fuck' and 'shit' to excessive levels towards other users are not.

Rule No. 5:


Rule No. 6:

Any threads containing a video as the main subject must make clear of the following in the thread title "Gore, excessive profanity, or spoilers" and no NSFW videos regarding nudity please.

Rule No. 7:


Rule No. 8:
Please mark your thread titles with the comic company you are referencing in the thread.

Rule No. 9:

There is a three strike policy in regards to conduct within the group. If on three separate threads a person in any way violates rules 1-5, it will count as a strike. If they continue the behavior, they will be banned from the group for a week, then allowed back in under a one month probation. If such behavior resumes during their probation, they are banned from the group and not allowed to rejoin under any circumstances.

Rule 10:

Please don't mark a thread as sticky if it isn't a vitally important piece of information regarding either the comic book industry or the group as a whole. Also, any proposed sticky threads must be sent to me first so I can deem them worthy of making sticky.

Rule 11:
If a thread is detailing major spoilers for either a comic run or a movie, please mark the thread accordingly.

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Any rumors about a new Superman video game? I'd be very excited to see a vr Superman game!

Nice to see a new comic book lovers' group. Thanks for the invite. :twilightsmile:

Look at me expanding my friendship circles XD
Thanks for the invite mate

Thanks for the invite!

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