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Fallout 4 · 4:15pm Jun 3rd, 2015

So with Fallout 4's announcement, I'm pushed back here. As some people would have figured out, Salvage was set in a stand in for New England and Boston/"Broncton" was going to be the final showdown location. Some might have picked up on the locations and references I made over time. Right now, I'm looking forward to seeing what the actual team does and how some of the unused ideas for things in my neck of the woods are done when put to the Fallout lens rather than my own.

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That's a load of terrible, isn't it?

I'll make sure to answer your questions soon, but until then real life calls.

PS: I've been wanting to chat with you anyway, considering we have a mutual friend in YAP. If you're ever on Skype and want to talk to a musician (who writes weirdo pony fic), then snag my info from yeta. Hope to answer your stuff soon. This story deserves more views, even if you have trouble with a lot of the community.


I've been sitting on answering this, because it's a bit hard for me. I'm never certain for Salvage. Since I started writing it, a lot of bad memories and loss is wrapped up within the characters and story and the situations surrounding it. As such, it's not easy for me to look at it and write.

In addition, I've had some lowering and lowering opinions of the FoE subfandom over time. When I do sit and write, I begin to get a bit existentialist and wondering why I should produce content for people that I don't know I want to produce for? There are other things I do and other things I enjoy that tend to drag me away. It's been a long time since hanging out on the doc and frankly I just don't like a lot of the community I've ended up interacting with. It's mostly just disheartening. When that happens, I end up losing all motivation to put to page the story I wrote two years ago.

Yes, it's been plotted that long, I told the whole thing to Yeta in a skype a while back just to prove that point.

When it comes down to it, there are other communities I like more, other things with less baggage, and little reason I see to keep pushing it.

If I may ask, outside of simply enjoying it, what of the story did you enjoy? Who, What, How?

Any plans to finish Salvage? I quite enjoyed it so far.

Your profile picture wins.

Hey man! Got any updates for us on the progress of upcoming chapters of Salvage?

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