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That guy who does that thing.

In the distant future there is a race of hyper intelligent ants, who have enslaved ninety nine percent of the worlds population. The Human Liberation Front sent their last hope back in time to attempt to stop the impending Antpocalypse. This supreme warrior, gifted with knowledge that no other human could hope to obtain, is the last, best, hope of human kind. The only chance of the salvation of our species is to ensure that he reads Fallout Equestria Fan-Fiction, making sure that it is of the best quality. This is human kinds one, and only, defense against the Ant-Lords.

Also, I edit stuff.

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Howdy again! I hope that you are enjoying Better Days! :pinkiesmile:

1150425 Thanks for making good stuff

Thanks for the watch!

987061 Thanks for making them good

Thanks for reading my stories! :pinkiehappy::heart:

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