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Fo:E Must Reads (no order continued)

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Characterization (Chapter 36 of Long Haul is up!) · 11:59pm June 16th

Howdy again everypony, it's that time again! As per the usual, and as the title says, Chapter 36 of Long Haul is up for you all to read and enjoy! It's a longer than usual chapter because I had to get quite a lot into it, but I hope you do enjoy it all the same. Still, with this chapter going up, I have crossed the 400k words mark for the story. Normally I wouldn't make a big thing out of this, but because it was asked of me earlier in the week, the answer is that I feel like the story is somewhere just before it's midpoint. So for all of you following it, you should understand now just what kind of story you've invested into. For others just joining the story, well, get yourselves comfortable and settled in for the Long Haul, pun intended.

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2442079 Alrighty then I will be sure to read that when it posts. :twilightsmile:


Howdy there! So, it's actually taken me about a day to formulate a response to all your questions, and it's turned into this giant rambling info-dump that's a bit big to fit on the comment section. To be honest, you've asked a lot of good questions that I haven't really seen anyone ask me yet! So instead of posting them now, I'm going to wait to answer them until this Friday, and put the response in as part of my blogpost when the new chapter goes up. :pinkiehappy:

So when I came across the title and title image for your Long Haul story I was quite intrigued. Not too many vehicle based fics on this site, especially taking place in the Fo:E universe. I've read through all the way up until your latest chapter and I'm liking it a lot. I do have some questions for you if you don't mind me asking. Firstly, what was the inspiration this story? It's something I haven't seen when coming across Fo:E fics here. None of them were very heavily vehicle based. Secondly, the characters. It isn't the first time that I have seen main characters being one gender yet looking like another...(insert Aerosmith's "Dude Looks Like a Lady" song lol) but I am curious of what inspired Night Flight's fairly unique physical traits. I like how there is variety to the crews' individual species too. Boiler and Howitzer being buffalo is actually new to me. Delilah (nice name for her BTW) being a donkey and her son Happy Trails being a mule from a mixed set of parents is cool too. Oh yeah Buck's colors just scream Siberian Husky. I like the variety. The heavy presence of changlings so far is very intriguing. What inspired the variety of species if you don't mind me asking? Thirdly, I like the presence of those tanks in the alternating factions. I've seen the fanart for those and I like how they are based loosely off of IRL tanks. Nice! All in all you have a great story here and it's sad that this will be your last one here on FimFiction. I have some story ideas myself that I've been wanting to spin up but just need some extra motivation. Perhaps when you are done with this story, would you be interested if I bounce some of my ideas off you and see what you think?

P.S. that Salt guy is a douche. Seriously, he is all nice to Bombay and then from then on he is kicking Bombay in the chest and overpowering him easily every time they meet. I hope this guy gets his in the end.

P.P.S. Based on the cover image I would say Bertha is totally a Terex 33-19 Titan.

I already am. Keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:

keep trying no matter how dark the darkest day ends with a dawn and rember always keep a smile :pinkiesmile:

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