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Issues at home. (Chapter 63 of Long Haul is out) · 4:16pm Last Friday

Howdy there everyone, it's Friday again, and time for yet another chapter release. This blog update should be another short one, as while I have put up another chapter, work on subsequent ones has kind of stalled at the moment. Between the hot weather, general lethargy, and worsening family issues, I haven't even been online much in the past two weeks to do any substantial amount of writing. I'd even been wrestling with the thought of canceling this weeks update, but as it should be obvious

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Thanks for the follow :twilightsmile:


I did see it, and I did listen to it! I'll be linking it in next week's blog post! :pinkiehappy: Sorry for the slow response, it's been just one thing after another keeping me busy these last couple of days.

Don't know if you saw the message or not, but the reading is uploaded!

2442079 Alrighty then I will be sure to read that when it posts. :twilightsmile:


Howdy there! So, it's actually taken me about a day to formulate a response to all your questions, and it's turned into this giant rambling info-dump that's a bit big to fit on the comment section. To be honest, you've asked a lot of good questions that I haven't really seen anyone ask me yet! So instead of posting them now, I'm going to wait to answer them until this Friday, and put the response in as part of my blogpost when the new chapter goes up. :pinkiehappy:

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