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Warhead-loving Pegasus, cheerful inventor, half-decent writer, aerospace hazard. Doorstoppers ahead.

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Hehe well, you have a distinctive username!

Four-story brick-walled high-rise, lead extractor, artillery ontop of the attached greenhouse, and the base owner wearing an owl head with a civil war era dress, potentially also either carrying a quad double-barrel, a grenade MG, or a fiddycal, all three of those said weapons bearing the respective affectionate nicknames "Force-a-N8ure", "Boomer", and "Lil' Featherweight"?

...nope, totally wasn't me.

F'real tho, neat~ Second time that that's happened to me, if you can believe it :P

I think I saw you, or at least someone with your exact username, in Fallout 76! Base in the Savage Divide? c;

GIANT GIANT God bless! God loves you, now and forever.

Interesting to get a follow from you. It's always nice when someone whose work you admire turns out to be a fan of your stuff.

  • Viewing 2 - 6 of 6
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