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Im just a cat. In a box. In the head of a long dead professor. Miau~ Also, Ponies.


A statement... apology... thing, of sorts. · 7:48pm Jun 4th, 2018

Urgh... so much dust everywhere.

Hey y´all peeps and peepettes of FimFiction.*awkward wave ^////////^*

Guess you all noticed that my writing all but came to a dead halt huh? Those awesome fellas and fellerettes who still check on my stories anyways. Massive kudos to you all, you are all better than I deserve.*that one weird ghetto respect gesture with bumping your fist above your heart, then pointing towards you*

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Some favourite Quotes of mine^^

As a tortoise you cannot tramble down the nonbelievers. All you can do at best is giving them a penal glare.
-Terry Pratchet

It does not matter if you win or loose a game, all that matters is how you play it.
- Unkown

Have no fear of perfection, you´ll never reach it.
- Salvador Dali

You can´t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club.
- Jack London

Creativity takes courage.
- Henri Matisse

Think left and think right, think low and think high. Oh, the things you can think up if you only try.
- Dr. Seuss

Hakuuna Matata.
- Timon & Pumba, The Lion King

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Grüß dich :twilightsmile: Overlady habe ich jetzt angefangen zu lesen :raritystarry:
Hoffe du wirst die Geschichte eines tages fortsetzen :pinkiesad2:

Hope you are okay.

Hey there, Katze. How’s it going?

Thanks for the fav!

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