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Hi, my name is Ditzy Doo. Many of you know me as the author of the 'Wasteland Survival Guide'. For 200 years I wandered the Equestrian Wasteland, and through those experiences I gained the knowledge that I shared with everypony through the Guide. Now, it's time to tell my side of the story.

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Ooh.. FoE crossover.
I'll have to read this later.

Not bad so far. I will have to continue reading tomorrow. :yay:

,very interesting so far I require more soon

Well written FO:E side story with one of my favorite characters as the main character:derpytongue2: and taking place in the early days of the wasteland. Sure, I'll read it.

So far the story is great, the flow is smooth, and I've only seen a couple of slip ups in the way of spelling and grammar. Ten Mihara, if you keep this up, you're fic is on the way to being on the same level as Project Horizons and Pinkeye. In other words, Five Stars all the way baby.:yay:

I'll have to read this soon when I get the time.

Ah, very good to see that you put this up here after all! I tried to give it five stars, but I think that the rating system might have broken again. Now I just need to wait for the next chapter...

139729 Not just the early days. Starting with the next chapter, we jump ahead a few decades, and see the Wasteland truly take shape

I love this so far. It really brings to light what Ditzy did before the events of FO:E I cannot wait to see how this story progresses.

Have you thought about submitting this to EQD? I bet it would get posted. As always great chapter and keep up the great work.

"Also, they might hold back for fear of the radiation. Not sure how long it'll take to settle, but it won't make a huge difference. It's not like they can stay up there forever.” OH THE IRONY BURNS LIKE GAMMA RADIATION.

141953141889 It's already on the EqD Side Stories post (has been since December); I just started putting it up here so I could update more frequently (provided I actually had new chapters to post lol, which I usually have every two weeks or so).

142011oh okay cool. This is a really good story five stars and favorites!.

Oh no.....the stables are opening......
there's a stable in ponyville where
Raider is....this will not end well

142011. Chapters only every two weeks? Damn, this has got to my favourite story. Oh well, I guess I'll have to wait. :flutterrage:

142415142185 I do have to tend to my studies and all. Still, the two weeks is a wide estimate; might be less depending on how much school work I have from week to week.
Nonetheless, I'm flattered that some readers have taken to this story so quickly; I'll do my best not to disappoint :derpytongue2:

142270 Don't forget that Stable 2 doesn't open until the next time Ditzy Doo returns to Ponyville; 160 years from that broadcast.

This story is excellent. One of my favourites as I have said. I am a huge fan of Fallout, and story really tickles my fancy. Keep up the good work! :heart:

STEELHOOVES!!! Yes you put steelhooves in your story he was one of my favourites in FO:E. As always great chapter keep up the amazing work!

139729 Everything is going according to plan then (there's a plan? I just wanted to write stuff :derpyderp1: ). Now all I need is a custom title page image thingy and I'll be set. Although I suppose that should wait until the third member of Ditzy's party joins up (hints for ch 7).


Nice chapter
reminds me of vault 72 I think it was

Emerald is the best pony ever :heart:
hope thare in the next capter :heart:

typos spotted:
"I quickly flew down to Trottingham, who was hunched over on his knees."
"bright the scope to my eye"

Amazing keep up the great work!

Ditzy is so adorable when rottingtail gives her a compliment.

Cannot wait to read the next chapter.:pinkiehappy:

157513 It reminds me more of either vault 84 from FO:3 or vault 34 from FO:NV

Another amazing chapter!

Damn Gilda's attitude still hasn't changed:facehoof:

This has to be one of my absolute favorite stories.
Keep up the awesome work Mihara can't wait for the next installment!

awesome chapter bro but .......... it needs more..............raiders/wild animal encounters

First off, keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:
Second, ya figure half a century or so would be enough to have an attitude change. I mean really!

Has anypony ever told your awesome because you are.:twilightsmile:

With that being said excellent chapter/interlude!

Cool interlude bro
And thank you for keeping the um...preferences...to yourself.
Now I wait for the next exciting chapter of... THE DITZY DOO CHRONICLES!!!


yay may hopefully cured

Bravo ya got this up just in time. now I have something to think about at work today. :yay:
Damn shame about Flim, but at least we had the always charming Flam. Glad to see ya went with him.

nvm about the ultrajet comment......
well played out
flim turning feral and stuff good back story

Awesome chapter!

I really hope May is cured after this she's only going to end up hurting everypony she cares about.

mays a lesbo thats funny good ch enjoyed it.

Wow. She's really got some longevity. The wasteland is really good for life extension I suppose. It only requires absolute obedience and blood sacrifice. Not a tall order for the folk that live there.

"may patted me on the shoulder."
Capitalize May

Damn Rangers :twilightangry2:
Poor Trottingham :raritycry:
And I can't believe I'm saying it but Poor Gilda :fluttershysad: at least she admitted she was a bitch though.
Another good chapter Mr. Mihara

I actually feel sad about Gilda dying she turned out to be really badass.:fluttercry:

At least now I can see why Rottingtail hates non ghoul ponies.

Another amazing chapter Miharayou never cease to amaze sir keep up the awesome work!

....wastes.” May's horn lit up, and.... I think you meant Emerald.

good chapter non the least sad but still good.

Emerald u utter B*tch, no love and tolerance for you! where the F was steelhooves durin this whole mess

wastes.” May's horn lit up, and.... I think you meant Emerald
noticed this too

Yet again another great chapter. :yay:
Quick question, is this gonna involve Frost from "The Last Sentinel"?

I would guess not; when Frost and his friends liberated Stalliongrad that was roughly 80 years before he told his story. If I'm remembering right, at this point in Ditzy's story that would be in another 30~40 years (my mental math could be off though)... Although since she's still around for FoE, I guess Ditzy could be there if she really wanted too.
Anyway great chapter as always. Makes me wonder though, will we hear about Bright later on in the story (if this a really dark story, I would guess Renewal would be shot down by the Enclave.)?

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