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Not a serious writer, and occasionally I create or forget about loose ends entire. That being said, I never stop trying to improve.



I was known as Frank DeFontaine. I was going to a Halloween party. I was a pretty intelligent kid, starting my first college term, and decided a little dress-up couldn't hurt.
My buddy Richard got involved, though. And like everything, he took it a bit too far. This time, I didn't say no, though. I really should have.
Next thing I know, we're going all-out on making my Dullahan costume. Because he's my favorite optional boss, and all.
Really shoulda known something was up when that guy behind the counter just so happened to have a sword that fit our specifications perfectly.
Next thing I know, I'm in Equestria. And I'm missing a head.
Sakes, I could use a drink. And a neck.
Featured on 2/19/2014.
I'd like to leave it at "Holy mother of-!" but that doesn't capture what I'm feeling!

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I need to know more, before laying down some judgement. But it interests me.

I wonder what inspired such work...

I might write another chapter tomorrow that'll go into backstory or the like.
Tell me what aspects you would like to see and I'll get on them sooner!
Mostly the Golden Sun franchise.
That and all the other villainous human stories going about.
I always had an idea of introducing Golden Sun to Equestria, and this seemed like the best method.

Aside from the Wall o' Text thing, I love it! Def look forward to more. :pinkiehappy:

Sadly, there's only going to be more.
But hey, we might get into some action soon enough!

Well congrats! You have made a wonderful addition to our group of humans acting villainous! As forerunner of the genre, I personally thank and congratulate you. Magnificent work!

Wait is that actually going to happen.
Oh sheesh I better get my speeches ready.

Is it going to?

Sir, It already has.


Personally, I rather more current events, with little snippets of backstory sprinkled about, but write like you want mate.

Dammit you're supposed to give me at least ten minute's worth of warning!
How else am I supposed to charge the summ-
I mean...
How else am I supposed to prepare?!

Well funny enough, both things were planned already!
Just gotta get it all blocked out up in my noggin, and we'll have us a chapter two.
Sadly, my noggin is currently playing host to a horde of eldritch thoughts.
Might take a minute.

Well, sorry, but the counsel has already added you. Sorry.

*mutters about not being able to charge the Charon summon in time to deal with the crowd*


However, I have one question:

Is this going to be a part of the LoHAV universe, or is it a separate story?

...Where's the difference?

Well, official members of our universe can, and will, be included in a massive crossover one of us is doing. Separate stories, though, are simply in their own universe, unaware of our influence.

My good sir, welcome to the club. I'm sorry, but it'll be hard to work you into the mass crossover. It won't take much at all, just say the word. I'll only do it by your express permission. Think about it first.

This sounds...interesting!
M'kay, the answer is an emphatic YES. But if you want the full rundown of 'im, then hit me up in private messaging. Gettin' kinda long here.
If anything, I think a headless suit of armor will provide some variety!

Potential is great. Do not disappoint. Please update soon.

Good first chapter. You've got my interest.

This has been seemingly to become increasingly more popular, maybe I should think of writing my own version...
Anyway, awesome chapter and I can't wait for the next! :D

I know.
It's kinda freaky.
I nearly have 100 messages in my inbox from today.

Dude, that's insane...
Now I'm getting the urge to get in on some of the action, what's this group called again?

It's over there to the right. The one labeled Humans Acting Villainous.

Thanks, think I'll check that out right now.

I have a question...When does this take place?

So far it's taking place right after Discord gets sealed back into stone in S2E2.

3957041 Alrighty! that's about where i thought it was...Makes you wonder though...


did..........Did we just figure out the "threat" that was being guarded against in the wedding..?

...Well, y'know...
It WASN'T...
But there you go giving me ideas again...

I love you for making this. Golden Sun is one of my favorite games ever!

3957140 Hey, need any? Just ask. :pinkiecrazy: My brain is a registered lethal weapon in 9 states, and is unregistered in 4 and Finland. :pinkiecrazy:

Dude! The Golden Sun series was one of my favorites!

Quick question; what other powers will your guy be able to use? Just the powers Dullahan had in game or will he be able use all/some of the summons and psynergy attacks and abilities, other than the ones you've already shown?

I mean, yeah, I've already shown off that he has some power, and that it is somehow linked to his sword.
But we'll get into the nitty gritty in a few chapters.


I just had this image of big ol' Dully dragging his sword trying to intimidate someone while its Venus aligned and just having a trail of flowers coming from it.


Looks like it might be interesting. I have added it to my read later list to check up on it when it updates. :twilightsmile:

It is nice to see another villain enter our ranks! May the Blood God guide you in your battles, spirit!

I am suddenly wondering what would happen if a guy with all the Golden Sun:Dark Dawn powers, djinni, and summons went to Equestria as a villain. Just imagine Eclipse annihilating Canterlot...

Celestia and Luna really need to upgrade their jails. I mean left behind? Put on display? The moon?!

Comment posted by TheArchive deleted Feb 17th, 2014

So all of the chapter titles are going to be head puns?
Alrighty then.

Dullahan to do list:

Retrieve shield.
Retrieve Djinn.
Smack Celestia and Luna around.
Inform the sisters of an even greater possible threat than me.

This is gonna be fun.

3958959 Looks like it's heading that way.

Awesome, but I wonder when he's gonna give his warning to them?
Either way, he's definitely one badassed motherfucker.
Good job! :D

Alright, that was fucking awesome and I eagerly await the next chapter.

Alright this is a fun read. I have never played the game but this is interesting

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