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Okay let's just go over everything that's happened so far. Dragged into a road trip, check. Dragged to a convention, check. Dragged through dimension. Wait what? Okay, universe. Stop! Seriously what did I do to deserve that last one! Stop throwing me into impossibly horrible situations! It was bad enough being world thrown, but public enemy number 1!? What did I ever do to you!?

Evidently, I must have done a lot. I have been trapped here with nothing but my wit and ingenuity, but I'm still alive and have at least one friend. I decided that it would be better make the most out of my new life, and see if I can live at all in this crazed world of Magic and Myths. Hopefully I won't screw up too badly. I fear what may come if I do. Though.... this is all starting to feel familiar. I'm having some difficulty remembering from where though.
Co-authored from chapter 22 and on with Shinigamisparda

Alt Cover Art
Story inspired by "F**k it, I'm having fun" by JimmytheGrape and everything else in the League of Humans acting Villainous.
Props to them! Cover art is not mine.
Edit**4/28/14**Technopathic is amazing and you should thank her greatly for working on new cover art for me. It's not done, but as she does it, I will continue to update my cover.
Edit***5/23/14*** NEW cover art is COMPLETE!
Edit****6/28/14**** Old cover art is back by popular demand

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This story has promise. Let Khorne guide you in your battles!

Most glorious.
May your family stay together, and your love life result in marriage.

You my fine sir:pinkiehappy:
You got my attention:pinkiehappy::raritystarry::twilightsmile::yay:

Apologies, I don't normally comment prior to reading, but I have to ask - where did you get that most wonderful cover art? You don't appear to have sourced it.


I like this. 'Nuff said.

Not bad! Can't wait for the second chapter!

Goddamnit why is this genre so much fun

Dude Yes i love this story already

3933872 Thank you for your blessing

3933910 Um.... not sure what to say, but thank you anyways.

3934013 I shall try not to disappoint.

3934064 Truthfully, I have no idea. I went through Google Images and saw it with the immediate reaction of "Ooo! This will do nicely." And then it was put here and yeah. I'd tell you where it exactly came from, but I think it was a user image from a Terraria wiki. Sorry.

3934221 You're right. Nuff has been said. Story speaks for itself. Shameless self promotion.

3934578 Don't worry, it will be done soon.

3934623 Why wouldn't it be? We get to run around like maniacs!

3934799 Thank you very much.

Very good story, loved it so far.

3934941 3934064 I did a bit of a search on the web. This image seems to appear several places, without giving specific credit to any artist.
I finally managed to track it down to http://kyuubi089.deviantart.com/, but it seems that account has been closed down, and my trail ended there.

3934955 well I searched for like.... two minutes. Thanks anyways for finding that out.

3935094 Thank you. The steam shall rise.

Now this looks cool.
So will be evil the entire time or will at some point the ponies realize that this was all a big misunderstanding at the end and then stuff happen?
Just curious.

I see...
Alright then, can't wait for the next chapter then! :D
Can we have a clue as in an estimate when that will be out?

3935935 I'm at 1300 words at the moment of posting this comment

i fucking love this genre and i like where this story is going

I get another F*** IT I'M HAVING FUN type story! That's like the same story updated twice as much but with variety! I like it.:moustache:

3937269 Guess what just updated?

Sweet, an update! :D
So it looks like there was a particularly long time just... Interesting.
And it looks like 'Invention' is still trying to show the Princess's that he isn't a bad guy.
This is getting good, I can't wait for the next update to come out. :)

3937462 I suggest re-reading this one. I just found a small hiccup in the text where a whole paragraph got left out.

Lol, they fall for it every time... XD
Glad you remembered to put it in there.

3937561 I was a little miffed when I noticed it got left out. Stupid transfer from Google Docs does it almost every time.

Lol, that's why I don't use the G-Doc.
I write my stuff directly onto FimFiction then just publish it from there, makes it easier for me.

3937570 I would do that too, but my spelling is horrendous on occasion. I normally go through a tedious process of writing it all on G-Docs, then copy pasta onto Fim, and redoing all the italics, links, and ext.

Dude... That's intense...
Anyway, can't wait for the next chapter to come out!
Any idea when or a vague amount of time it could take?

Oh well... Good luck writing.

Np, this is a good story and I really want to see what happens next. :D

Boris....why not Stormageddon, dark lord of all?

3937658 because I like the name Boris. It reminds me of DOR-15.

Perfect music choice.

3937658 That Doctor Who reference.

Good... Good... Let the steampunk flow through you...

So your story will be the first one with technology as the power source. :yay:

I am looking forward to what this story has to offer.:pinkiehappy:

Love it can't wait for the update:twilightsmile:

3937679 I think Steve would have been better

3938915 or chuck!!
Bitches love the name chuck

3937774 I thought so too. That awkward moment you walk in on someone, it calls for that specific music.

3937823 Trust me, there will be some in the story as well.

3937975 The steampunk does not just flow, it powers the apparatus that is my mind!

3938109 In short, Yes. In long, Yyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

3938708 And I look forward to yours. Seriously, shadow people and steampunk have all the win.

3938760 Thank you very much.

3938828 I work as fast as I can.

3938917 The names you have mentioned will be used in later chapters, maybe, possibly, I'll name something else with them. Ooo! Like a robot butler!

3938986 Damn good thing I watched seasons one to six yesterday.

3937975 Heeeey, Imma write a fic kinda like yours, think it'll be good coming from someone who can dual focus a lack of attention with attention to detail?

3938995 I'm doing that right now. I think you'll be fine.

3938998 Dual focusing two opposites? I doubt it, I am a master. I can be both bored and entertained at the same time.

3939000 You're only limited to two if that's all. I've managed to be Happy, Angry, Depressed, and calm all at once while talking with the principal and she only ever caught onto the last one. Creeped her the fuck out.

Once she was gone and I'd ditched the anger and depression. I felt like a boss.

3939008 I forget my emotional state minutes after entering it, unless it's boredom, that's a constant.

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