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This story is a sequel to Headless, not Heartless

Okay, taking it from the top.
Hi, I'm Auric Fulcrum, also known as Frank DeFontaine. For about 1,500 years, I wasn't alive. I instead inhabited my Dullahan costume as a spirit because of my sword, which also brought me to Equestria. Once I got here, after a few years of back and forth, Sunbutt imprisoned me because of a minor misunderstanding.
I heard that!
You were meant to!
Anyways, once I got out, I learned that the Wise One was coming to this reality, so I did what came natural to me.
I sought out the power of the Golden Sun and used it to defeat him so utterly I would never have to worry about him again.
Problem was, the energies that bound me together and the power of the Sun conflicted, so my armor fell apart. And without the armor, I was unbound, unfocused.
I came to a week later in the same basement I had been imprisoned, in my old body, but with a few...upgrades. Like Alchemy being a Thing I can Do.
Now that I'm alive again, my to-do list is radically different, but no less daunting.
For starters, how am I supposed to stop a mountain from sinking into the earth?!

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..You should mindscrew the Mane Six.

Well there goes my nice semi smart comment at the end of headless, not heartless. Anyway excellent first chapter, I will now wait for the next chapter. Now where did I put my tea? :pinkiehappy:

Good lord if I could draw I would have a drawing fangasm over Dull-- I mean, Auric. :fluttercry:

Aaand here we go again. My word, you pumped this story out quick.

:pinkiegasp: :rainbowlaugh: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! IT'S BACK!

Oh yeah, nice way to start this off. And I'd totally change my name too. And is it just me, or is Celly actually bit happy to see him?

Here we go again~ I think all the OCs are going to have a lot of fun reacting to Auric~

4157497 Fluffy, if you're drinking this guys tea... Yep. He got to it. Let this be a lesson- don't leave your tea near the Manticore :derpytongue2:

Soo, how much of a human body does he have now?
Like a 100% or did the golden sun leave out our evolutionary leftovers/parts without purpose/biological errors.

Lol I didn't think that you would have made a new story this fast

Nice little play-on-word name there, clever. Anyway! I am glad to see that there is a sequel to your excellent story boarding. 'Though I am guessing that you will get stuck soon after we fix our mountain issue, unless that wide cast you have working in the backgrounds are thinking of new adventures.

Hi, I'm Auric Fulcrum, also known as Frank DeFontaine.

the only thing that's caught us off guard is how SOON this has come out and I REALLY don't think any of us are complaining and if any are we can always send Pinkie after them:pinkiecrazy:

Don't know if you know this yet, but FEATURED! WHOOO!

...Well damn.
Now I REALLY want some coverart.
I mean, that happened in a DAY.
That's damn fast.

4160375 ain't it though:pinkiecrazy: of course, how else would some of come across this?:rainbowhuh: maybe a few weeks:fluttercry:

Well I had planned for the sequel ever since...Yeah, ever since the Crystal Empire chapter of Headless, I knew how it would end. And how this would begin.
I'm also already plotting THINGS for this story.
Beautiful THINGS!

Why did this not show up in my notifications??....oh, I wasn't following you yet for some reason. My bad! :pinkiecrazy: Following you like a duck after a bear!

As a quill and scroll hovered nearby, I realized that I had finally been caught by one knowledge-obsessed Twilight Sparkle in full Research Mode. This would probably sting...

STING???!:unsuresweetie: YEEEAH! we'll just go with that:pinkiesick::twilightoops:!!!

update ALREADY???!!:pinkiegasp: there's no SQUEEE! mote:fluttercry::fluttercry:

I would normally have omething witty or random to say, but HERJA-MA FERGUR-KURGIT!!!!!!!!!

Nice time management there, Sparkle. "We've got a few minutes, now tell me everything I'd ever want to know about you ever.:facehoof:

Also, waiting for Auric to A) Meet Dullahan and Newvale again and B) Get an outfit that will stay with him for the rest of the series. Since it seems he will interact with the Mane 6 more, maybe Rarity can do it.:raritystarry:

I had a feeling good ol' Frank/Dully/protagonist man wasn't done yet. I mean someone has to fix all the things Celly causes to go wrong. Sidenote, I wonder how Solaire would react now seeing as if he summons our hero he doesn't at all like Dully in appearance or power.(you do remember that whole "here have a soapstone. Summon me if us need to" thing to which your character responds in kind, thing that happened right. Speaking of I wonder if Jimmy remembered it.)

I'm so sorry I ever doubted you. My word, you knocked this up very fast, I thought it would be weeks before we saw you again. Then again, you are the "man with a very fun plan", to quote you. To summarise, this is smexy.


Corny one-liners be corny.
But I love them and this chapter!


Now, he got he's old body back then. I will admit that I much preferred the armor, but otherwise I'm fine with it. Now, the question stands, how will the ponies of Newvale think of his new/old body?

Hmm. Is he drained of his power for the moment? If he is, then he might as well end it now, spare himself the suffering of Twilight Sparkle's interrogation.

No Auric, don't fall to the Eldritch being that is Research Twilight!

I saw this story in the feature box and now I need to change my pants.

Two things. One, this is a great chapter. Two, I feel sympathy for the poor bastard:applecry:.

I actually didn't, and now that I know where it's from, I'm beginning to wish that I'd picked another surname.
Besides which, I actually know of a Fontaine family IRL, so that's why I keep pulling a modified version of that surname out when I need one.
(That and it honestly sounds cool.)

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