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I am me.

List of Goals (Time will tell if I complete any of them...)

Favorite 500 Stories [X]
Favorite 750 Stories []
Favorite 1000 Stories []
Create my own group [X] (Here's the link.)
Go to another country []
Write a story that has actual value []
Go to a convention that is relevant to my interests []
Turn 21 years old []
Get and maintain a job []
Stop being stupidly lazy []
Make an actual effort to lose weight []


Life is overrated, but I'll never end my own. Taking your own life should never be the solution to your problems, and it is definitely not the solution to mine. Life may be overrated, but that does not make it any less precious.

The Way I Think Things Are

I am a believer in the theory that Harmony is achieved through a balance in all things. And the so-called 'Elements of Harmony' are only ever used to propagate Order/Light and remove Chaos/Darkness.

Under my system of belief, that would mean that they're NOT, in fact, the Elements of Harmony so much as they are the Elements of Order/Light.

You don't have to agree with me about that, and are perfectly free to make counter-arguments to my theory. I'll even listen to them if you decide you want to send them to me. You are under no obligation to do any such thing, but it is an available option should you want to.

RPG Personality

This is a thing that exists. Go ahead and check it out, if you feel like it.

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Your Comment Has Been Read, But I Have Pretty Much Abandoned My Old Account. It Shall Be Left Active, But Chances Are I Will Not Sign In On It Anytime In The Near Future.

Best Regards,
Prophet_Of_Madness (Formerly SuperWeegeeWorld)

I can assure you that my story isn't dead... whether it's dying or not depends on my inspiration. But I'm glad you like it.


You thank me, I say 'you're welcome'. And so, keeping that in mind... you're welcome!

Thx for the fave


You're very welcome! Great picture, by the way!


Glad I could help, even if just by a small margin.

Thanks for answering back. I was just asking feedback from others because I was surprised at how popular this fic got when I wrote it on a whim. Still, I'd say that's just as good a reason as any:twilightsmile:.


Eh, I just enjoy the concept. Well, that and I find it humorous.

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