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Group dedicated to the unstoppable brew of lavender doom. All hail the Smooze.
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1.) All hail Smooze.

Check out the PSA: B0NER in the forum for our terms of alliance with the anarchist community of B0NER, founded by JenkinsRevenge.

That is all. Equestria is ours.


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...meh, I'm already helping a guy who calls himself the Master take over one world, why not help the Smooze take over a different one? Alright, lemme make sure I'm ready... *clears throat* ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY LORD SMOO- *painful- sounding coughing* ...yeah, you get what I was trying to say there. But if you didn't, for whatever reason, I'll try again: ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY LORD SMOOZE!!! ...good, I don't need to do it over again.



All hail Smooze!

The Emperor Protects.

Comment posted by JenkinsRevenge deleted Sep 11th, 2016

What the hell, why not. ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY SMOOZE!

Comment posted by JenkinsRevenge deleted Sep 11th, 2016


Hush. I liked smooze before it was cool.

The reason the smooze is popular is because of friendship is witchcraft


It's certainly not on Netflix now. I just checked.

All hail Lord Smooze!

Damn you JR! You never told me you were keeping a toxic nightmare in your shed!!! How am I going to explain this to the other residents of B0ner!

And don't you dare say I don't do my part! I breed with the inhabitants at least once every day!

Every gawd damned day! (For two days now)

We shall get guitars and play rockabilly for the Smooze.

Praise Smooze.

Live stream through Xbox, at least that's how I did it. :derpytongue2:

:fluttercry: I have no link. I saw it on Netflix.

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