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Theater Critic

I'm that one kid that made the infamous fanfic and gets called an asshole because other people are hypocrites.


An apology to Umachan and FIMfiction · 10:38pm Sep 7th, 2013

I am truly sorry for falsy accusing Umachan of threatining my family and other things.

The reason why I came to FIMfiction was to write fanfiction and shareit to the world. But I got complete shit, and got into flame wars.

Now Umachan's "Girlfriend" has sent me a message basicallty saying that he'll charge legal action if i don'tdelete the message and apologize...

Umahcan, I still fucking hate your guts, but I don't want to get to any legal action.

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I’m not the right person to ask. I only discovered the kid after he was long gone

And oh, I tried to find a full story about Theater Critic (could be a YT video, a article or something) and I heard he have some sort of a feud with someone named Umachan or something.

I would say you could tell me the whole entire story but I don't wanna bother or tire you lol so I guess a video or a article or a reliable source explaining the full story of this guy is fine.

He just wasn’t a very good writer to begin with.


I'm that one kid that made the infamous fanfic

Wonder what fanfic he mentioned about. I can assume he made the most hated MLP fanfic of all time.

The kid’s been off the grid for a long time. No doubt out of high school by now.

I recall the kid’s mom getting involved at the end and explaining that he comes from a broken hone and that his dad ran off with a married woman. Can’t say I entirely sympathize with him, but it explains what an unstable little snot he was.

If anyone has any info on what’s become of the kid, I’d like to hear it.

  • Viewing 629 - 633 of 633
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Some things I want to do before I leave FIMfiction

1. Make a good story (done)

2. Get a story featured

3. Prove I'm better than my arch nemesis, Wind Scamper! (Or was it Umachan?) (Done)

4. Do a collab with ThaumicSlime.

5. Write a clopfic about Trixie and Wind. (A side story to The Bearer Of The Sword.)

6. Read an actual whole fanfic. (Done)

7. Write a Trollfic

8. Make My Little Time Lord a reality.

9. Make a good crossover fic.

10. Get 100 followers

11. Regidar comments on one of my fanfics. DONE!