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In Which The Group Is Described And The Rules Are Given

Once you join this group, I will make you an admin! Then you can do anything you want. Anything.

Now men, there are a few things we ought to get straightened out at the start to avoid any grief later on. Now, here at the rock, we have a few basic rules. If you don't like these rules, I would say, "Tough; now shut up and eat your broccoli!" However, since you're an admin, you might not have to abide by these rules--if you can change them somehow.

But until you figure out how to do that, you must abide by these few basic rules.

1. Obey all rules. NO exceptions.
2. If you create a thread or folder, it must start with "In Which...". NO exceptions.
3. There are currently two fanfiction threads. One is for posting fanfictions which are NOT yours. The other is for posting your OWN fanfictions. Know the difference. Or I will slap you with a fish.
4. If you want to post a story into a folder in addition to or instead of a thread, then make sure it goes under the right folder. You can post it in multiple folders, as long as the story has the aspects of that folder.
5. If you as an admin change these rules (once you find out how to do it), do it as little or as extreme as you like. The only request from me (as a fellow admin) is that you change the "Last Edited By" section at the bottom of this description. If you do not, the other admins and I will banish you forever and ever. Amen.
6. Respect your fellow admins. You are an admin, but so are the rest. Just because you are an admin does not automatically allow you to ban any admin in this group. If you have any problems with other admins, contact another admin so that at least two or three admins are OK with the banning of another admin in this group. Otherwise, be good little admins and administrate fairly.

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Comment posted by BastyTheKitty deleted Feb 27th, 2015

LIES! If I go to the members list, not everypony is an admin. Joining anyway. :trixieshiftleft:

I... I'm not an admin yet. :fluttershysad:

304113 Indeed. You are now an admin, so stop your shivering.

Confound it, man, CEASE!

*shivers* Yes sir.

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