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I write occasionally, mostly making parodies. Pony parodies. To be honest I'm not sure if parodies are OK to be posted here. If they aren't, I'll just go somewhere else.

People You Should Check Out

This section features some people whose stories I really enjoy reading. When you have the time, go read their stories, because their stuff is fantastic.

Sir Squidfish: OK, I might be slightly biased since he's my friend in real life, but you should still give his stuff a read. He's mostly into random comedy like I am. My favorite stories he's written so far are Zecora Gets Bored and The Pastry Postulate.

Kazlene: Another good comedy writer, although he has written some Slice of Life and Alternate Universe stuff. Meatballs Keep Falling On My Head is among his more recent and greater works.

VunderGuy: Well if it isn't another comedy writer (my favorite kind if you can't tell by now)! He only has two stories at the present, but they're both incomplete, which hopefully means that more hilarity will soon follow. My personal favorite is his story called The Wanderers of Reality: The Equestria Imperative.

Shortstop: Another author with only two stories. I reviewed his dark story, Bleak, on my YouTube review series. It's pretty darn good, so definitely go check that out and find out what would happen if King Sombra had regained control of Equestria.

Acheron: This guy is fantastic. His newest story, All For A Gallon Of Cream Cheese, is one of the most original, bizzare, and totally hilarious comedies I have ever read on this site. It needs more likes, and he needs more followers.

Mudpony: This guy has some good serious stuff, but when he wants to write comedy, he writes some great comedy. My favorite of his works is One Thousand Years Ago, which explains rather well why 1000 years has a "theme" throughout Equestria.

ForeverFreest: I also know this guy outside of the social networkings of this site. He's mostly a musician, but he has also written a fantastic epic poem called From the Sea, which is beautifully written. Plus, you don't see much epic poetry around this site, so I suggest taking a look at it.

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450331 and that pinkie pie thing is how I feel whenever I see those things. That is not Andrea!

450090 'Tis wonderful, ain't it?


Hey, you. I finally got around to posting a story... in epic poetry. Thought you might want to check it out. It's on my page, so... If you like.

I heard that the review was complete. Is there any way I can view it?

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