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Splazor the Laser Cat finds himself lost on the event horizon and winds up in his worse nightmare! Alone, powerless, and (most importantly) in the girliest most unmanly world he's ever been in! The lands of Equestria! Can his Captain save him before he loses it or worse, goes *shivers* native??

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In response to your author's note, this IS awesome!

I'm already partially biased for random comedy adventures, but I really love your style of writing. It tells a good story with that barely noticeable hint of sarcasm. Of course, sometimes it's more blunt, but it just love how this is written. Oh, and my favorite part:

"Rather, it was the fact that despite all of their best efforts, they once again spent HOURS of time only to discover what their special talent WASN’T! "

I personally dislike the CMC's; this is gold!

Please continue in your writing, good sir.


You dislike the CMC? How can you call yourself a brony and not love ALL of Celestia's creations you verminous vanguard of villainy!? :twilightangry2:

2182349 Listen here you pompous puffball of potpourri, it's a free Equestria, and I have all liberty in the unknown universe as to which ponies I decide to hate. Celestia was just a little tipsy when she made the CMC's, that's all.

'Tis my privilege to hate. :flutterrage:


Of course. I just hope you're not under the delusion that you're a brony or even a mild one. :pinkiesmile:

I have no idea what I just read :pinkiecrazy:................ but it's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:pinkiehappy:

2182755 :twilightoops: Could it be that all this time that I thought I was a brony...I was under some sort of delusion? Perhaps some sort of alien psychic force caused me to believe I liked this fandom but hated the CMc's. What does this mean for my life? Where am I headed? Why are bananas yellow instead of orange?

MY. LIFE. IS. RUINED! :rainbowderp:


When you hate such a large part of the franchise and the fandom, yes. Glad you realized it. :twilightsmile:

2182891 Well sir, I think you've exhausted me of any more arguments I could possibly devise. So here's a song about llamas.

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