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About me... well, a little about me.

About Me
Age: 30
Sex: Male

Things you can expect to see in my stories; WTF moments, things you don't like, a sample of my twisted sense of humour.
Things you can expect to see in my mature stories; Bondage (lots of it), the odd unusual pairings, messy sexy.
Things you will not see in my stories; Incest, perma-futa.

Obligatory Brony Test results.

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Where have I been ? · 7:43pm August 4th

Tis a simple answer really, I've moved out from my mother's and in with my girlfriend.

...problem is that I'm on mobile data, don't have much to spare, so am only online fleetingly.

Housing association fucked up, and we have no idea when we'll be getting anything installed.

See you all soon... I hope.

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Sorry to say, but that'd be a no. I've just got back to writing after way too long away, and am in no place to take requests for the foreseeable future.

Would you be willing to take a request?

2379635 I'm having ups and downs, too many of the latter... But I'm getting there.

Hope your faring well after last year and that this year does you wonders <3

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