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About me... well, a little about me.

About Me
Age: 30
Sex: Male

Things you can expect to see in my stories; WTF moments, things you don't like, a sample of my twisted sense of humour.
Things you can expect to see in my mature stories; Bondage (lots of it), the odd unusual pairings, messy sexy.
Things you will not see in my stories; Incest, perma-futa.

Obligatory Brony Test results.

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I hit a follower count special to me! · 7:16pm Nov 22nd, 2017

As some of you may remember, I was in the RAF for a few years. So to hit a follower count of a rather famous squadron makes me super

Also, I know they've not come when I've promise, but updates are coming.

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2379635 I'm having ups and downs, too many of the latter... But I'm getting there.

Hope your faring well after last year and that this year does you wonders <3

Yo lucky i wish u the best of luck in this dark time for you

Hey man, I'm sorry for your loss, I know it's the same thing a lot of other people are saying and I don't know how special it feels because I've never had to deal with this. I can tell you one thing for sure though and that's that you must not give up or fall into a depressed state. Talk to your closest friends and everyone who really cares about you. I find it vital that you understand that we all care about you in one way or another, we may have no faces as our avatars but we are still people who care about you enough that we're taking the time to tell you we care and comfort you in your time of need. People often feel like they don't want to be around anymore, like you're lost in this world. I know I've felt that way at least once, but the fact of the matter remains because that just isn't true. You are loved, you are a person with whom you have inflicted meaning and new light upon other people's lives. You have shaped the world around you and I don't think the world around you can afford it if you were to disappear for even a short amount of time. My experience with this isn't personal but my girlfriend has gone through something similar. I urge you HEAVILY to talk to people, anyone who you care about and who you know cares about you because they're there for you and they're the people you don't want to lose just as much. Heck, you could really talk to anyone who has put a comment here because we care about you too. I know it will be tough for a few days, this isn't something you can just shrug off and keep on smiling afterwards, but you must stay strong and stay with us because trust me there is no greater comfort in times like this than those people who you know will always, ALWAYS, have your back. :heart:

Im so sorry for your lost, please stay strong, because like you said, ine day you'll be able to see that 'glorious basterd' again. Best wishes to you and your mom :heart::pinkiesad2::twilightsmile:

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