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About me... well, a little about me.

About Me
Age: 30
Sex: Male

Things you can expect to see in my stories; WTF moments, things you don't like, a sample of my twisted sense of humour.
Things you can expect to see in my mature stories; Bondage (lots of it), the odd unusual pairings, messy sexy.
Things you will not see in my stories; Incest, perma-futa.

Obligatory Brony Test results.

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What's happening in this author's life today? · 11:08am May 31st

Today I made a purchase I never thought I'd be able to. As quite a few of you know, the past couple of years have been... interesting for me, and not in a good way. But now... looks like my fortunes are changing...

I've not asked yet, couple of months to go... but there it is, in front of me.

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Sorry to say, but that'd be a no. I've just got back to writing after way too long away, and am in no place to take requests for the foreseeable future.

Would you be willing to take a request?

2379635 I'm having ups and downs, too many of the latter... But I'm getting there.

Hope your faring well after last year and that this year does you wonders <3

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