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I need HELP and the website isn't letting me write a blog

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I need HELP for my depressed friend!!!! · 6:14pm Mar 31st, 2020

So, the friend I was helping through Depression had a turn for the worst. On Christmas, his recovering Depression flared up and he tried committing suicide.

So, sorry I haven't been updating...I feel like I am in the wrong frame of mind to write.

Well. my friend met someone online, someone by the name of Troy Groomes. They decided to make a project that made my friend proud of himself since the Depression started; a new type of Vertical Takeoff and Landing Firefighting aircraft.

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Yeah. Life is hectic right now,though

Hey man are you ever going to update your story warrior or not?
If you don't want to thats fine is your decision to make just thought I'd ask.
Anyway toodles!

warrior please update it.


It takes time, of course! I also have to deal with a friend suffering from depression and a job hunt XD

Ok, so instarted reading Indominus and looking your other stories, i found out you wrote two of my favorite ones, Draconic timelord and Warrior.....yeah, followed, favorited, *pulls out a gun, finish d'em....ed.

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