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Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and Shadow-along with Angel Island-are blasted by Doctor Eggman to another dimension. Now trapped there, how will they cope in a world of humanoid ponies?

Not all things are peaceful-as an old enemy has been sent along with them.

What happens when Metal Sonic works on becoming the Metal Overlord of the Metal Empire....and decides a dragon we all know and love would make a good tool of terror....the first servant of the Metal Empire to be freed from his prison of flesh....

(Starts right after "Return of Harmony")

Pairings (will be developed slowly):

Sonic+Rainbow Dash

Spike+Rarity (+?)


Shadow+Twilight (as voted)

Tails+Fluttershy (as voted)

Chapters (8)

Why is it that Spike was the only dragon without wings? Even as an "adult" caused by his greed. The dragon migration causes Spike to find the answer-and the destiny before him. He is no mere hatchling, he is the Pony-Hearted dragon, THE Dragonborn....the Dovahkiin!

Cover image by supadave on deviantart.

Chapters (2)

Princess Celestia met two Time Ponies long ago, Doctor Whooves and Colgate (AKA Minuette). With their help, Time has gone on smoothly and the events regarding the Elements of Harmony have gone relatively smoothly.

Still,it is becoming a a bit much for the two ponies. While Doctor Whooves has married to carry on his lineage, a piece of his TARDIS has been grown into a new TARDIS (yes it can happen, a piece of coral on Captain Jack Harkness's desk is growing into a TARDIS)

Spike was chosen at random to help carry on their duty due to his long draconic life. When something goes wrong, and Spike's life is on the line, it will take six certain mares to prevent his untimely end.

All characters are anthropomorphic. Story inspired by Path-of-Cloud's "Building a Dragon's Hoard" and "Spike and his Six Lovely Ladies" combined with watching a Doctor Who marathon.

Cover image by AlyxHesser on Deviantart!

Chapters (4)

Spike has always felt helpless.....weak.
He couldn't face the teenage dragons....
he always ran away from danger.

However, instincts awaken that start forcing him to change...to grow.

The Earth Dragons....descendants of stranded Sangheili....

Maybe he can grow stronger to protect his friends....

Chapters (6)
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