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This is a group that like the idea of Spike and Pinkie being shipped together.

The rules are simple.
1. Be respectful of others.
2. Keep topics and discussion about either PinkieSpike, Pinkie, or Spike.
3. Stories should be submitted to the proper folder.

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Any awesome ship with Pinkie and I am in:moustache::heart::pinkiesmile:

this is my favorite ship i only annoyed that i can never find another story about it.
i have no right to complain, im just saying to all the :pinkiehappy::heart::moustache: writers out there to please make a story because this ship is amazing

I think it's a pretty funny and kinda cute shipping :pinkiesmile:


I find this pairing to be cute along with Sparity.

I ship all the mane 6 with Spike (But Rarity :raritycry:)
So OF COURSE I'm going to join this group!

:raritydespair: But Pinkie,CrystalNightArtBeauty shipping YOU with Spikey-Wikey and the others but not me?
:pinkiehappy: SORRY RARITY!

333519 I second this movement.

333511 No problem brah; but you should either make the romance/clop folder separate or put a a sub folder for clop in the romance folder. :moustache:

333499 Welcome to the group.:moustache::pinkiehappy:

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