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Best Background Filly + Best Background Colts

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Comment posted by Yandere-Chan deleted Apr 12th, 2015

Why do you ask?

Wish to tell me something?


It says the page is not found. I suppose the only thing this can mean is that the account name changed. You know her current account?


It's fine, your forgiven and also it's my sister who's sad, not me and reading your comments it's ok! :fluttercry:

I'm really sorry about my little sister

(Also, this is the account I use now just to say)

Sorry. Just sorryI think yiu've made me want ti commit suicide again, no joke,I'm not trolling

Your welcome and I will XD

Thanks for the watch, stay frosty!

Yeah, it's me, Keyblade, I like to change my name a lot until I settle with it but I always keep the "Frost-Winds" part of my name.
Anyways, I keep changing because my sister makes me look bad and I get sick and tired explaining to people she was using my account and she causes stuff such as shipping wars, getting people angry, etc.

Seriously, it's a pain in the butt to the point I make a new account -_-

Hopefully I get to settle with this one. :/


Sorry about my sister and changing my name.

I suppose you were formerly FrostWindsKeyBlade? The name change did delay finding you but I was able to fairly quickly. Seriously though, how much is your sister going to make you move accounts?

Thanks very much for the watch, and the fave of Friendship is Poetry! :)

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Comment posted by MintMilkshake deleted Oct 16th, 2014
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