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I need a fanfic about Starved Eggman
It would go so hard

Whoooooweee that’s some good artwork you’ve done there of The Rainbow Factory I may give you a like on this comment and follow you to see what artwork you have in mind. :raritywink:

Jane the Killer... Hmmm she actually goes by "Jane Everlasting". Originally she does not kill she actually warns Jeff's victims and is on a hunt to get rid of him. Maybe you should change this considering she isn't actually a killer. Just wanted to point that out, sorry if I am coming across as nitpicking. :pinkiecrazy:

Hi everyone -

It's me Casey!
This is one of my stories!

I hope you enjoy. Let me know what u think!

Who's crazier:
Pinkiemena Diane Pie or Nightmare Rarity?

387095 i wont. Maybe you could join the group? The light t
In the dark.

As long as no conflict between us takes place, I won't do anything. I never said I didn't know how to use black magic. I only said I usually don't choose to. I do have dark witch blood in me, so don't underestimate my abilities.

387083 join a group called the abyssalite kingdom then your sevaces shall start. Also try to get others to join! We need the government up and running soon!

387083 I will give you the name of the group.

387082 perfect.When do I start, My Lord.

387079 well as a soul warden you dish out punishments and torture

387059 hmmm. Soul warden is intriguing. I'll take it. My Fangs can judge the souls.

387058 So do you wish to be any of these

soul warden

387057 I would need a place of solitude. Cold preferrable. Other than that, I'm set. I got my Fangs of Judgement. They're twin blades, Fang of Order and Fang Of Chaos.

387053 The Abyssalite kingdom needs to grow.... *Sits up and looks at you.* I don't suppose you would like to join my kingdom would you?

387053 *Sighs* Well I think I should acquire some new commanders for my army councilmen, Judges, Nobles, etc....

  • Viewing 83 - 102 of 102