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As of Today, This Account is Completely Done · 3:19am Sep 3rd, 2016

So it's finally happened.

Legit, I cannot be active on this account anymore. I will leave the little quality of stories I have on here, but I will create a new account and this will remain only a ghost of an account that used to be so active, and now barely even exists.

But really, this needs to be friggin' redone. I cannot put in the effort to fix it anymore...

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Okay okay!! *covers mouth with my hooves* Your secret's safe with me!

1985459 it's already out. lol Not done yet mind you, but out none the less. SHHHHHH! It's a SECRET!!!! :rainbowlaugh:

1985113 lol so fix it. I did, but now I have to write a sequel for everything to make sense. lol

It is. Especially when your train of thought is broken.

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