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Not sure who is the best pony? Well it is because there is only one true answere EVERYPONY IS THE BEST PONY. In their own way everypony deserves to be called the best once in a while. So join the group and let the world see the truth.
Basicly this group is about not being selfcentered because everyone has their own favorite pony and all of them deserve recognition. So thay are all the best.

Golden Rules of the Group!!!

1. No trolling or being mean to others.
2. Add every fic to the specific folder and no Clopfics please.

You can create forum threads to share stories, to discuss anything you want to discuss and pretty much you can create them just for fun.So this is pretty much it. Enjoy the group, share your favorite stories and of course best wishes to you all. If you have ANY suggestion do not be shy to write me.

Constests Winners!!!

Story of the Week: Wittle Woona and Cewestia's day off!. by Superpony55.

The best touching story: Life is a lemon! by Blueshify

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What can you do in this group? Like can you create 'new' ponies, like a character of your own?

Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted March 12th

I have to say, I like the idea of this group very much! :)

Can I be best pony too?
I'd like to be recognized, but hoping will read my story. What's a Pegasus like me to do? Nopony likes OCS.
Maybe, I can be not a best pony but a good pony with your help?

Hi my name is ArtistFire12

410971 Kinda, but not as lively though.:twilightsheepish:

Interesting group you got here

Would you mind if I promote my skype group?

I'm not sure which folder this would go in,

Did anypony else find Pinkie Pie's voice annoying at first or was it just me :fluttercry: I feel bad admitting that cause now I'm fine with it now.

Sorry, have to say something about this. NEVER, EVER, EVER put yellow text on a white background, it really hurts the eyes and it's so hard to read. Use orange maybe. Otherwise, I can't wait to start reading!

397019 Well congratulations from me, fellow. Glad to have you here.:twilightsmile:

Yay! I'm your 500th member!

I can't decide who is best pony, still I can't decide.:facehoof:


Every Pony Is Best Pony Whenever They're Written Well.

I joined because I can't decide who is best pony

I :heart: all the little ponies. :twilightsmile:

I know right. So much variety... :pinkiegasp:

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