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So... yea... I planned to make a new story and... things fell through. I found a new site to host my original series Finders and, to be honest, I wanted to eventually have my fans here look at it... which I get the feeling will never happen. I will try to come back some day and finish my stories, but no gaurantees. I'm writing the next book in the Finders series- Fallen Angel- and that requires my attention now, along with my tumblr, which is still pony based.
Ultimately, this place helped me through a time of doubt in my abilities, I'm glad so many people enjoyed my stuff. But it's become apparent this community is pretty limited. Folks want pony stuff only and while I understand- really I do- I have other stories to tell.

If anyone is interested in what I'm doing at the moment (and no, I'm not completely throwing in the towel here) check these out:
http://ask-lightning-n-dusk.tumblr.com/ (pony related)
https://www.wattpad.com/user/Torkuda (original material... I may host pony stuff here, debating, but it's probably gonna be the stuff that's already here, as it has a good draw.)

Been trying to come up with new stories and I think I finally have something I can bring to full fruition, finally. And no, I really don't know how regularly I will be updating my review series, sorry... it's getting kinda repetitive.

In any case... something, or rather... someone, is coming back.


Actually, more than one someone:


2205814 buzy, but good nonetheless thanks

Yea, a while ago, thanks for asking. You doing good yourself?

2201742 nice to hear. Settling in ok?

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Questions for Feminists · 5:27pm Aug 26th, 2017

So I said I would probably return to political writing. While some of these questions have an accusitory tone, actually yes, I will entertain answers for them. Just don't be surprised if you don't immediately win the argument by being offended, or by just making an attempt to argue at all.

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