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Now, it is questionable if there really is such a thing as 'Good vs Evil' depends on one's point of view I guess. But just in case there is such thing as 'Good vs Evil' this is the group for you.

All types of fan fiction that deals with the conflict between good and evil. Either side can win, as long as deals with suffering, war and other themes regarding the never ending war between good and evil. Even Last Stand scenarios are allowed, where the forces of good make an heroic last stand against the forces of evil.

Folder 1: Good Vs Evil. Classic Good vs Evil scenarios.

Folder 2: Shades of Grey. No person or group in this story is truly good or evil. All have their own reasons for their actions.

Folder 3: Alter Ego: Good Vs Evil. Twisted alternate universe versions of canon characters like Tyrant Celestia and whatever.

Rules: Follow this site's rules and no fighting etc.

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We wouldn't be able to know what Grey is, if we didn't also know what Black and White are.

That's the inherent logical fault of all this "There is no good and evil" nonsense. Our society was founded on the idea that good people want to live in a good world, and should be willing to fight evil to maintain peace. That's why it flourished where others failed, or worse, stagnated.

367878 *sniff sniff* Reeks of pretentiousness. Good and evil are just a set of actions and thoughts based off your current levels of empathy and society. In reality, everything is just shades of grey.

354674 You are seeing the world too plainly, too black and white. In the end, once good and evil exhaust each other, what is there left but grey?

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