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*Welcome to the Heroes of Equestria!*

We are a group dedicated to the Protagonists and other good characters that wish to defend Equestria instead of destroy it. If you enjoy writing stories about the main six or any of their supporting secondary characters then this is the group for you!

If you'd like to ask a question simply post a thread and someone will get to it within a couple hours.

Thats all for now.


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"With great power, there must also come great responsibility."

I'm all for heroes, especially if they're ponies:rainbowdetermined2:!

New here I'm evil but only when needed to be also helps that I'm the evil that ends up as being good being mind controlled by evil

We need more activity down here and in the forums!! :raritydespair:

Sweet. A group to place all my adventure stories. Here's a rarely used emote. :coolphoto:

312342 thank you, posted the story there

312198 You right I will add one.

hello everybody,
I just added Spike the Knight
Hope you enjoy.
Also since there is no Spike folder, I posted it anywhere it could fit.
Also, the CMC, especially AB plays an important role for a good part of he story, so CMC folder also.

311264 Honestly it was more of a joke.

311263 I know he didn't copy you. Because this group is quite old. Plus he mearly made it as the other half, of his other group called Villains Of Equestria. Which is doing far better then this group.

311262 I have a group called Super Heroes and a fanfic called Equestrian Heroes.

You stole thid idea from me!

299923 so much apologizing...:derpyderp1:

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