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..Darkness and sin dwell in all creatures of creation.

When everything is peaceful.
When everything is sunshine and happiness.
We will be there To Buck it all up.
We are the darkest beings of Equestria.
We are the feared throughout the land.
Those who know us, can tell you one thing.

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Heroes Of Equestria

Created on: 3rd of Dec, 2012

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Where aren't there Storm King and Grogar story files?

No folder for Grogar?

Why, if it isn't Perfect Cell's theme, yes.

Freedom is the right of all sentient beings

I am honestly surprised at the lack of a Sphinx folder, i mean i get that she is a super minor character that was only created to fill in Somnambula's backstory, but she still is a villain with in MLP and a rather popular one with the fanbase at that.

Also i see that the Chimera and Arimaspi have folders here already and their villains in the same boat as the Sphinx of being minor one time use monsters.

..... At this rate i'd prefer the Spellbound option.

And HA
I cannot be beaten... I can only be .... delayed

well, technically you were, you were just already long beaten. either that or the show pulled a Spellbound and you're trapped in the very storybook about you Twilight was reading to those foals in the hospital


Awesome, but, noticing a lack of a folder for Daybreaker here.

We are glorious and will rule fimficton

WE RULE!!! ( meaning Antagonists rule)

That belongs in the fallen heroes group

I agree with you.

How comes there’s no folder for the Storm King?

I actually even have a story for him that I’d like to post here.

I reject the notion that Storm King isn’t here, that guy was a blast!

Who's the strongest villain ever?

You really need a folder for a corrupted/evil Twilight Sparkle because she is more common than you think.

Hello I am slash the assassin and I have some villains that are pure EVIL #1 monstrox the arch necromancer #2 sir fangar #3 Lord zedd and #4 nadakhan the djinn

I accidently put my story in the wrong place and I don't know how to remove it from there!

Which folder do you put OC villains in?
I'm told my stories have a knack for truly vile antagonists and I wondered...

All of the show's villains are evil in their own way. But, unlike me, none of them has what it takes to actually kill somepony... :pinkiecrazy: (Insert Maniacal Laughter Here)

  • Viewing 295 - 314 of 314