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Villains. Naughty and vicious. They go out of their way to make a hero's journey as difficult as possible. They're nasty, vile.

And sometimes the heroes just fall for them. This is a group for those stories that dare have the heroes fall for the villains, or vice versa. Whether by force or voluntary, the dark side is looking very enticing to our heroes.

But What Counts as Villains
Any character that has caused some problems for others in the past. Villains aren't limited to just the likes of Chrysalis, Discord, or Sombra. If they have been antagonistic in the past, they are allowed in the group.

Any Villain in the FIM Universe Counts
Again, as long as they played a role as an antagonist, stories from Equestria Girls, the IDW Comics, etc. are allowed. Villains are villains after all.

Heroes Going Evil and Being Shipped with Good Guys Don't Count!
Unless they are OCs or the Nightmare variants, absolutely under no circumstance are stories were non-pure villains are shipped with heroes are allowed. For example, if your fic has an insane Pinkamena being shipped with Rainbow Dash, it doesn't belong in the group for the true antagonists!

Other than that, go nuts. Here's hoping that the villains play nice with the good guys for once...

But that's highly unlikely.

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where is daybreaker and midnight sparkle?

Best thing I have ever seen :heart:

So lets say I have a character who starts off as a villain but becomes a lighter character later in the story and someone falls in love with them, would the story their in qualify for this group?

this is the perfect group for me...

Those two pictures... :rainbowlaugh:

So what about reformed villain in dark and twisted relationship with evil version of good guy? Your FAQ says that the heroes cannot be shipped with evil versions of good guys, but what about when the villain is reformed and the good guy is evil and the antagonist of the story is the evil good guy and the protagonist is the villain?

Flutterbra looks very awesome:yay: yay

336040 Jesus Christ that last one conjured up graphic images.

337583 I didn't want it before, but now I want it.

:ajsmug: A group I can go for. :heart:

*Looks at banner*... now I want sompie. :trollestia:

Cool, thanks for adding Chaotic Nightmare to your ranks. I'm having a blast writing it, and I hope you enjoy reading it. Peace out amigo, Sam :eeyup:

1 member to 100 :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:

hello im crow im new to this and i was wondering can someone help with the final parts of my story all i need to know is when your available and your email so i can send updates (ps it has luna nightmare moon and 2 oc's :pinkiehappy:)

336213 He wasn't a con artist; plus, he clearly says if they are unsatisfied with his lessons, its free.

Fluttershy took his lessons too far and became a asshole. Iron Will went after her because he heard that his lessons worked and she owned him money. He's a businessman.

And when Fluttershy says she's unsatisfied, he leaves. Fluttershy didn't pay a dime for something that actually works.

Honestly, I'm surprised ponies don't rip him off: they take his classes and say they were unsatisfied, keep their money, and be more aggressive in their lives.

Don't do it. Don't do it Shy. You're in a bajillion groups already don't do-- *click* I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO IT SHY!

Antagonist count. He was a con artist of sort I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Why is there a Iron Will folder? He isn't a villain.

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