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Fimfiction's sexiest robot, how do you do?

~I dabble in drawing~


How's it going? Mr101 here. Just a generic robot that writes about horses. I generally do HiE stories and one shot anthropomorphic raunchy smut (mainly about a certain gender bent purple dragon).

Oh, and silly cutesy stories of foals. Ain't I just fascinating?

I also dabble in the arts, as you can see from my avatar, banner, cover arts on some of my stories and a couple images on my profile. Feel free to check my stuff out and click here!

~Current Rank: Legend

My interview on the Good HiE Podcast!

Stuff I done did

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Hey m8, how are you OK?

You have some cute stories on your site. I've been reading the "When They were Younger" series which are hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

This is a small letter to you Mr. 101,

If you are still around I would love to say my gratitude to you. For building several amazing stories as well as bringing many back to their roots in creativity. For your story, "Archimedes", inspired me to look back and start drawing once more. Thank you for being such an inspiration!

Kindest Regards,

I am amused that you’re at the 101 position by followers. I want to believe that this was a long-running plan of yours.

is the damon lipton story dead?

  • Viewing 844 - 853 of 853
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