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Set in the 'Youngverse'

King Terra and Queen Aeterna hire a new nanny for their daughters Luna and Celestia after the lastest nanny angrily humbly quits her position after a series of pranks by the two siblings. (Once again being instigated by Celestia).

When they meet her, Luna instantly takes a liking to her. However, Celestia isn't so keen on the idea... and tries to deter the new nanny away from her post.

... with backfiring results.

Big thanks to DVAN56 and bocaj518 for pre-reading.

Cover art taken from this fantastic comic by the awesome greviousfan, go give her some love!

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The D'awws it's too much!!:heart::heart::heart:

Dammit, how are you so GOOD at these? While you do need an editor, it's another adorable masterpiece!

Awww yiss! Another youngverse story!

You said she had a light black magical aura

Impossible! There is only one shade of black!

Another awesome Youngverse story :yay:

incorrect. black isn't a colour. Black's entire existence is devoted to being one of only two shades to be shared with all colours, the other being white.

“Tia then jumped out from behind the grandfather clock and shouted ‘DODGE!’ before throwing the pie in nanny’s face.

You mean like Piccolo from DBZ Abridged? :rainbowlaugh:

Reminds me of Nanny McPhee :pinkiegasp:


Wouldn't that just be grey?

yes! I've always loved the Youngverse stories!!:yay:

Oh god this is lovely please continue the youngverse stories!:heart::heart::heart:

:yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay: 10/10 yays for u

No, you see, here is the black shade scale:

Grey-Not quite grey- almost black- black- [insert obligatory racist joke] black- pitch black- nightmare black- HOLY SHIT THERE ARE MONSTERS IN THERE RUN AWAY! black- IT'S SO DARK MY SOUL IS LITERALLY BEING SUCKED OUT black- and OH MY GODS IT'S SO BLACK NOT EVEN LIGHT CAN ESCAPE IT! i'M DOO----

Let's see some young Discord and Chrysalis in the next one, m'kay?

3724091 you forgot lack of any coulor black

This was too cute. I like Nanny Blackberry.

I loved this. It was just so much fun to read! :pinkiehappy:

I wanna cuddle Woona sooooooo much~!

If this doesn't get featured, I'm gonna get pissed. :ajbemused:


I think you mean 'color'

And besides, white is the absence of all color.Black IS all the colors.

Now if you were talking about light, it'd be different.

1) Must hug Woona :pinkiegasp:
2) Must prank with Celestia :trixieshiftright:
3) Must READ MORE.... I NEED MOAR....

“No cider for a month,” Aeterna interrupted with a smirk.

This right here is harsh. However...

“Good, oh and by the way. You’re not allowed any cookies for a month,” Terra added.

This qualifies as cruel and unusual torture :pinkiegasp:. Joking aside this was brilliant :twilightsmile:.

ahh, I love little lulu and tia stories. They're always so cute! :yay:

Chives is a pirate ship.


Now if only blackberry was a time-travelling Twilight Sparkle planning on stealing baby-pictures as part of a grand conspiracy to prank Celestia.

Very cute and funny! :moustache:

My only complaint is that you fell back on a negative stereotype for the parent s. The fauther especially.

Very good story. I have one remark though. I don't think that Canterlot existed when Celesita and Luna were little.

OMG HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!:rainbowlaugh:

So whose the stupid ass that downvoted this hilarious story?

This story was lovely! Plenty of d'aww moments and hilarity! I approve :rainbowlaugh:

omg im gonna cry!!!! :heart::heart::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::raritycry::raritycry:

Good damn it! Why are this stories so good? :heart:

Dat ending!!!!1!

I found 2 faults. One I think was a missing who somewhere but I can't find them. :applejackunsure:

"The Solar Empire’ navy will destroy you, evil pirate!”

Missed the s after the apostrophe. Great story!

One problem:

“Good behaviour is rewarded.

There needs to be a quotation mark at the end of that. Otherwise...


sniper reference:duck:

I'm picturing Woona Sweetie-scooting right now. My god. SO CUTE!

Celestia's expression is too funny.
"May God have mercy on my enemies because I won't."

“No cider for a month,” Aeterna interrupted with a smirk.
Terra’s eyes went so wide they rivaled the size of dinner plates and his facial expression would give them the impression he had received the worst possible news a pony could get.
Which for him, it was.

The resulting "no" that could be heard shattered most of the Canterlot Mountain Range.

“Well he is grumpy face!” Celestia snapped. “Chryssie would agree with me if she was here!”

“Well she’s not, and he is not a grumpy face!” Luna retorted.

“He is to, moon-butt!”

“Nu-uh, sun-butt!”

Who is Chryssie...?:rainbowhuh:
Is it Queen Chrysalis:rainbowderp:

Celestia's eyes just crack me up:rainbowlaugh:

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